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Frequently Asked Questions

Why send leads to us and not work them yourself?

After 5 years selling services and specializing in a few specific things, we realized that the bigger opportunity for Done For You was to open up the Network to independent business owners, teams, freelancers, specialists and professionals who need a steady stream of leads coming into the pipeline.

Do you sell for us?

No, at this point we send leads and it'd be your responsibility to close them.  We are thinking about putting together a sales course or even staffing the sales calls for a commission, but it's your responsibility to turn the leads we send into clients.

Why do prospective clients use DoneForYou?

We put a huge emphasis on client satisfaction and you are expected to maintain the highest level of support with the clients that you receive from DoneForYou.  Your name isn't the only one on the line - so is ours.  If you don't perform, we will hear about it.  We have a strict three-strike policy for all of our providers ensuring that the network remains strong at all times.

How much can I charge?

That, my friend, is up to you!  Charge fairly for your time, expertise, and work provided.  Don't undercharge because you will only attract clients who will take advantage of you.  Don't overcharge because you won't win any business.  Put simply, provide excellent value for the service you provide regardless of what you charge!