Create & Sell Digital Products The Smart Way By Uncovering The Hidden Challenges
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How To Create & Sell Digital Products

This flowchart will walk you through the exact, step by step process to creating and selling your digital products.

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17 responses to “Video 1”

  1. Hey! Please let me know your biggest takeaway from the video OR your #1 question as we roll into Video #2… The next video will be entirely about putting your product together so that you can start selling it online :0)

  2. Your form labels are almost completely invisible against your background color.

    I would like to know the bottom line for your course without having to go through the build up videos.



    • Hey Vern – must be a coding error.

      There isn’t a course for sale at the end of this. It’s just meant to be a solid strategy for putting together a digital product :0)

  3. My #1 question would be how to put a price that will sell and make money.
    $47 Course, $197 Course, $297?
    I know this question may not be the right one to make, but maybe it will lead to the facts I have to look at before pricing.

    • Hey Dorian, that’s a great question! And the answer… Well there isn’t a good price.

      Some people advocate low prices and then upsell into something more substantial. I personally tend to go the other way with our clients… My advice is to put together something that’s higher in price where you know that you’ll get less buyers, but the payoff will be greater.

      That ‘payoff’ gives you money to invest in paid traffic and marketing which will give you time (and experience) that you can use to dial in the lower end of your sales funnel.

      The hard part about selling something for $47 is that it might take $60 or $80 in ad spend to sell it, so you’re forced to make sure that your upsell path is dialed in… That way you recoup that money for the ads and have some to put in your pocket…

      I’ll see if I can cover it in the next few videos. You can also jump on the phone with me and we can talk through it further here:

      And please keep the questions coming!

  4. Just do it! That is my biggest take away. I am going straight onto adwords and start researching. I have a product launch in 2 weeks so this is great timing. Thanks Phil

    • Thanks for the answer Jason. It makes a lot of sense to me.
      I like the fact that if the product has good profit, then money can be reinvested in more marketing.

      I have tried selling other things like Facebook Advertising Packages, and pricing is so important. If there is not margin then you start to get frustrated because you cannot reinvest.

      On the other hand, when something is expensive, then you gotta have that offer very well presented, otherwise you are in the same spot.

      I have never sold courses before, but I want to.

      We’ll see where we get…

      Thanks again Jason.

      I will try to get on the phone with you, see what can be done.

    • Yep! Doing keyword research definitely throws my brain into overdrive… I end up having so many ideas that I need to let them sit for a little while and figure out which ones are the best to go after!

  5. My #1 question is if my aim is to reach small business owners to offer digital marketing packages, is it better to sell DIY training packages so they can run google adwords / facebook ads by themselves or just create a lead magnet explaining what is it about, how this kind of advertising can be measured and get great ROI for their businesses and then sell the service. I have already few customers in the health industry, one physician and one dentist who prefer to pay instead of DIY but I am now looking for the best way to scale.

    Thanks, Rodrigo

    • Hey Rodrigo!

      A lot of that depends on how you want your business to be structured… In order to scale to hundreds of service clients, you need a lot of employees.

      What busy, successful business owners want is the service. They want you to handle it. In the same breath though, hiring lots of people and managing them can be daunting… So digital products can make your business more scalable.

      What you might consider doing is a few digital products designed to teach business owners how to do it on their own. Then, you can upsell your services to the ones who still don’t want to do it. There will always be those who buy a course for $97 or $197 and then find out it’s too complicated or will take up too much time. Once they figure that out, they’ll hire you.

      On the other hand, there are people who will learn what they need from the course and NOT upgrade, meaning your business is more scalable…

      If it were me, I’d put a course together to give your business some stability and upsell services to the folks that it makes sense to…

  6. Biggest take away was that the idea generating process is a lot less complicated than I originally thought.

    Biggest question is when the market is ridiculously flooded with stuff just like I have to offer, what’s the angle to get them to pay attention to mine?

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