The Nuts & Bolts Of Putting Your Product And Website Together From Start To Finish!




Creating Your Product And Setting Up Your Website

This flowchart leads you through the process of creating your digital product and setting up your website!

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4 responses to “Video 2”

  1. Hey! So what did you think of Video #2? Lots of tips and tricks in there on creating/recording/editing and publishing your content :0)

  2. I just tried something completely different and a bit out of my comfort zone….. and created a Shopify store, but I don’t have any visitors yet, since it is brand new.
    Maybe you can help?
    Love to learn more on what you do….

    • Hi Angelique!

      That stuff is BIG business for sure! Buying traffic is going to be pretty difficult through normal ad channels (like Adwords, Facebook, etc). I’d bet that ads on (Plenty of Fish) or would work though.

      Outside of paid traffic, I’d definitely make sure to set up a blog and post on it pretty regularly, doing some keyword research from Video #1 and writing about those keyword phrases… That should get you some traffic in the market! In the blog posts, link to the products that you’d be referencing.

  3. HUGE take away — finally I get it! I have spent 100s of $$$ on how to courses on setting up a video course, etc. This video has blown me away in how simple the steps are! The best part? Learning how to use Screenflow!

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