Affiliate Sales Funnel

With Paid Traffic Campaign

With this complete sales funnel program, you get the entire sales funnel built for you, PLUS you receive expert advice, coaching, ad management, and reporting.

The Project

This project is designed to generate leads and sales of affiliate products through paid traffic and list-building.

When the project is complete, Facebook Ads and/or Google Ads will be set up with specific targeting inside your advertising account. Prospects who click those ads will be directed to a landing page for a free report or lead magnet, followed up by an affiliate offer. Once in the email sequences, they’ll be sent email copy promoting affiliate products and content/blog posts to keep them interested and engaged.

Tracking will be set up at the advertising level to quantify cost per lead, winning ad variations and overall conversions.

Sales Funnel Diagram


This project includes all aspects of setting up a fully-integrated, affiliate-driven sales funnel where leads and revenue is generated through commission based offers.

Included are sales and marketing deliverables, as well as ad setup to provide an end-to-end solution.

This project will include:

  • Technology and business oriented consulting, delivered through scheduled, 30-minute “Status Update” calls with your Account Manager (1 call per week max)
  • New website will be built or existing website will be redesigned following lead generation best practices
  • Discovery and sourcing of 10-15 affiliate products suitable for the niche and target market
  • 35 to 45 days worth of email copy will be written promoting those affiliate products
  • Your affiliate links will be added to the email copy so you get paid
  • Once approved, that email copy will be set up in the email software was a campaign or a sequence
  • Tags will be applied to prospects who open and click email, so we can deliver more of what they’re interested in.
  • Report Landing Page will be created and added to the eCommerce website to collect prospect email leads. Discount codes may also be used for this purpose.
  • Report Confirmation Page will be created and added to your website
  • Integration between website and the email service provider
  • Integration between shopping cart and email service provider
  • Lead Magnet will be written
  • Cover will be designed and formatted
  • Lead Magnet Fulfillment Sequence will be written, set up and automated (3 emails included)
  • Overall email marketing automation, for moving and segmenting prospects into individual lists.
  • Ad Pixels will be installed on your website to retarget visitors
  • Custom Conversions will be added to simplify reporting on ad channels
  • Ad copy, images/video and targeting will be added to your Facebook Ad Account and Google Ad Account
  • Video editing and scripting for social video campaigns.
  • Custom Audiences will be created, based on prospects and buyers
  • Social Retargeting (including ads, images, custom audiences) will be set up in your FB Ad Account
  • Web Banner Retargeting will be set up in

What We'll Need

Depending on what we're doing, we'll need logins to your accounts to get work done.  Here's a shortlist of the most common.

  • Facebook Page

    We’ll need Facebook Page Admin Access so we can post to your page and attach your FB page to ads.

  • Google Adwords

    If we’re running Google Ads for you, you’ll have to add us as admins to the Adwords/Ads account so we can get work done for you.

  • Facebook Ad Manager

    All advertising is done inside your ad account so you can check in whenever you want.  We’ll need Facebook Ads Admin Access to manage and optimize your campaigns.

  • Website or Page Builder

    If you’ve got a website or pages set up already, we’ll need the logins to get in and start adding pages.  This includes WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc.

  • Hosting / Domain Registrar

    Every once in a while, we’ll need to get into the web server or domain registrar to set something up (ie. SSL certificates).

  • CRM Login

    To work on your CRM, build marketing automation, send emails, etc., we’ll need to be able to log into it!


This project can take as few as 30 days to complete or as long as 4 months depending on available budget and how quickly you want it rolled out.

There are options below for a full one-time discounted payment or scheduled monthly payments that follow the GSD points system.

The Build Process

The first few weeks are generally spent collecting logins, data, assets and are dedicated more to strategy, workflow and on-boarding.

In Week 2, you’ll start getting web pages, initial rounds of sales copy, email sequences, etc…  To revise and ultimately approve so that we can get them published in your funnel. 

Once your sales copy is online, email autoresponder copy in place and automated, and the ads are placed in your Facebook account; you’ll receive a walkthrough video from our ad manager, Jeff Clorley. 

That walkthrough video will contain an overview of the sales funnel and the specifics to turning on ads and running traffic to your sales funnel.  If you would prefer to have our team run and manage your ad campaigns and/or provide coaching/consultation, those options are available at the completion of the project.

At that point, all project deliverables will be complete and this agreement will be satisfied.

The Team & How We Work

Once your project is in-process, your point of contact will be your Account Manager.  Your account manager is the person you talked to on the phone before you got to this page OR you'll be assigned an account manager once you're enrolled.

For anything that needs to be fulfilled and tracked, email is the best communication method.

This funnel will be tasked internally to our team once payment is processed, being rolled out as quickly or as slowly as you'd like.

All new projects should start on the Work Request form so that they can be tracked internally from beginning to end, and routed to the right people on our team.

Our normal work hours are Monday through Friday - 9AM to 5PM EST.  Night and Weekend Priority Support can be add to the plan as GSD Credits.

Monthly Action Plan & Strategy Calls are usually handled on our conference line at: 855-206-7343. 

Status updates are sent through by video so we can explain what you're seeing in your ad accounts.

When we need to share something on screen or do training you’ll get an invite for so that it can be recorded.


Pricing for the DFY Sales Funnel Project, is either $9,500 as a one-time payment OR can be separated into 2 or 3 month increments.

When the one-time payment option is chosen, we move at breakneck speed to get it published and live for you.  If one of the monthly payment options is chosen, we simply slow down the process to fulfill the deliverables in the time frame needed.

Below, you can choose your plan.

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One-Time Payment

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Payment Plans

2 X $5000

2 month rollout

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3 X $3500

3 month rollout

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Additional Notes

  • All advertising is done in your account(s) so that you can check in whenever you like. The fee for Ad Management does not include advertising spend. At no point will we charge a percentage of ad spend or require a percentage of revenue/profit to continue.
  • Please allow 3 business days for custom work requests to be turned around. If you require something done in less time or on weekends, there may be additional fees.
  • We’re always happy to talk, but you’re hiring us to get work done; therefore our priority is managing your traffic and executing on your sales funnel and advertising. Communication is limited to 1 call per week with your DFY Team Leader responsible for the phase of the project you’re in AND 3 emails received per week, not including replies.
  • In sales and marketing, there is no shortcut or guarantee of results. Your investment is in the mutually agreed to strategy and service of creating and setting up your sales funnel, writing your sales copy, building your pages, setting up your email autoresponders, and other deliverables mentioned in this agreement.
  • This agreement is the entire agreement on this matter, superseding all previous negotiations or agreements.
  • Upon final payment, you own all work produced under this agreement.
  • Two rounds of revision following initial delivery are given on sales and email copy, landing pages and published sales material; provided that such revisions do not require work exceeding the original scope of the project. Examples include additional webinars, additional email sequences and additional sales copy. Subsequent rounds or additional copy may be subject to additional fees.
  • Once the copy and pages are approved, that deliverable is marked as complete and no further revisions will be made without additional fees.
  • This agreement can only be changed by mutual written consent

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked most often.  If there's anything we can help you with, please email [email protected]!

What are GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Credits used for?

For a comprehensive list of services and the credits associated, check out this GSD Credits page.  The credits you have access to in your plan will be used when we roll out projects for you.

How Do I Cancel?

Once your term agreement is finished, you can simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get your subscription and account canceled.  Otherwise, we'll continue on a month to month agreement that you can cancel (or resign for additional credits/rewards) at any time.

It looks like you do everything. What don't you do?

There are very few things that we DON'T do for clients.  We obviously can't replace you as the subject matter expert in your business.  We don't run your business (you do!).  If it's digital, marketing, or content related; chances are good that we do it.

Do Credits Expire?

As long as you're an active client (ie. working under an agreement) credits roll over from month to month and don't expire.  If the agreement is terminated, then credits expire at that point.

How Does Support Work?

All of our clients are assigned to a Marketing Consultant who manages your account and will quickly respond to emails and quick phone calls.  The monthly strategy and bi-weekly review calls usually last 30 minutes and will be scheduled in advance.

Do you handle Day To Day Marketing for a business?

Yes.  Depending on the Tier you choose, there are options for Complete Ad Management, Content Marketing, CRM Management and lots more where we handle the day to day operations of the marketing.  These are normally unlocked at levels about Tier 3.

Do Credits Roll Over?

Yes.  If you've got a big release or product launch in 3 months, you can bank your credits to get the entire sales funnel or campaign built out before it's released.  Credits don't carry over after the agreement is terminated though.

I need an entire sales funnel, what do I do?

Building an entire sales funnel usually requires between 230 and 250 total credits.  If you need an entire sales funnel done, we can either build it monthly as credits are added to your account, or you can purchase additional credits at the discounted rate to get your sales funnel done.  Purchasing credits when NOT on a Tier Agreement is possible, but the price per credit is quite a bit higher.