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Use Axis to create powerful campaigns for your clients with easy to view dashboard showing the value you are providing their business.

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Real Comments From Done For You Clients

"This solves all the headaches when it comes to digging into analytics!"

Rochelle Odubela

"I can finally see how sales are coming in from our content!"

Keith Parvin

Powerful, Easy To Use Features You And Your Client Can Understand!

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Powerful, Easy To Use Features You And Your Client Can Understand!

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Built For Agencies

If you have clients, Axis can help you show what you're doing and the value you are bringing...

Axis is perfect for...

    • Digital Advertising / New Media Agencies
    • Traditional Marketing Agencies
    • Branding Agencies
    • Direct Marketing Agencies
    • Social Media Agencies
    • PR Agencies
    • Consulting Agencies

    Showcase Your Work

    Clients choose you because you move the needle in their business. From building sales funnels to tracking customer lifecycle within the contact record, Axis will help you show your value to their organization.

    Powerful, Easy To Use Features You And Your Client Can Understand!

    Get Started

    Getting Started

    Here's the 4-step process for getting set up with Axis...

    • 1

      Choose your plan

      First, you need to select your Axis plan. From there, you get full access to the Axis suite of features and can start selling plans to your clients to use in their businesses.

    • 2

      Merge contact records

      Next, set up your contact records inside Axis. You can add organization fields specific to your business and simply upload a file to add your contacts into the system.

    • 3

      Create an email sequence

      After your contacts are inside of Axis, it's time to start using the powerful email copy features and let them know of the capabilities. Head over to the email builder and select the sequence right for your business!

    • 4

      Start a campaign

      Now that you have the email sequence written, it's time to start marketing to your list. Using Axis's easy to use campaign builder, set it up to send the sequence to your list and start generating recurring revenue from your agency clients using the software.

    Powerful, Easy To Use Features You And Your Client Can Understand!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the questions we get asked most often.  If there's anything we can help you with, please email [email protected]!

    Can I upload my contacts from another email marketing service?

    Yes, absolutely.  We don't force a double-optin either so the contacts that you upload will be available to mail almost immediately (we may review the contacts first to ensure future deliverability...)

    How Do I Cancel?

    Simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get your subscription and account cancelled.

    When I give a client access, what do they see?

    Your client will get their own, unique username and password to log into Axis.  They'll be able to see and use the features you have assigned them within your agency software. They won't be able to set up or access features they don't have access to.

    Can I Send Questions In Through Email?

    Absolutely!  Just email our support desk at [email protected] and a friendly member of our customer service staff will get back to you as soon as possible!

    Can You Help Us Write Email And Set Up Marketing Automation?

    Yes.  Even though Axis is easy enough for ANYONE to use it, we do do custom work for clients.  It's often thought of as the "Done For You" program because we get into writing sales material, email copy and setting up all of the marketing for a client.  You're welcome to set up a call and we can discuss it!