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13 responses to “Video 1”

    • Hey Walt!

      There will be 4 videos total and they’re being created on the fly… So, about 6 days from now you’ll have access to all of them.

      Tomorrow, Video #2 goes live. It’ll be done encoding here shortly.

      — Jason

  1. Interesting spin on AIDA, and the change in the paradigm. Also. there are many webinar platforms out there. I hope that within the coming material you are highlighting or offering material that is generic across all platforms, and is not offering a platform,strategy or system unique to a particular platform. Will look for the continuing series.

    • Hey TC!

      Thank you :0) Yes, there are lots of platforms. The material is generic, as in it can be used cross-platform for either live or automated, but it will still be very action oriented. My guess is that most of the folks watching this video series have already purchased at least one platform that they’d like to use.

      — Jason

  2. Thank you for your presentation Jason.

    I have done online presentations for a company that provided services to allow people to work on contracts at home.

    I was very successful in this work and enjoyed it.

    People enjoyed my presentations because I was very straightforward and honest about the subject.

    I’m looking forward to your next video and I am very interested in your instruction. Thank you. Terry Russell

  3. Nice video Jason. Your vast experience in putting these webinars have surely helped you figure out the right recipe for success. I look forward to working more with you on a webinar for my business!

    • Thanks Wes! Working with you has been a pleasure :0) I think Video #2 will give you a glimpse of the methods behind the madness!

  4. Sounds great, so is this a done-for-us kind of course we can invest in or a more step by step formula to just implement ourselves? Either way, It sounds wonderful so fat : ) Thanks!

  5. Jason, hello

    Great starter , you were clear,succinct and it all makes sense.

    However,how does the concept of “automated” fit in with “live”
    interaction ?

    I’m looking forward to vids 2 and 3 .

    Thank you for your transfer of knowledge and experience.

    Best Regards

    • Hi Jim! You are correct – live and automated are two different things :0) Webinars can be done either way, of course. If you’re looking for interaction, feedback or interaction; then live is the way to do them. Oftentimes, we’ll do a live one and automate the recording of that webinar as an automated webinar that plays whenever someone logs in. Sometimes though, it’s better to simply record the webinar, automate it, and run from there. I’ve done lots of live webinars that have ‘glitches’ as in the Internet goes out, someone can’t hear the audio, etc…

      My preference though – doing live once and then automating the recording for future participants!

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