Get Qualified FranDev Leads On Autopilot

Close More Units By Tying Together Best In Class Inbound Lead Generation And Exclusive Franchise Development Technology

What You Receive:

AXIS Franchise Development Software

Cutting edge, proprietary software manages your prospect relationships so you don't have to!  With email marketing, text message automation, lead tracking and so much more; you can do what you do...  Grow your franchise!

Highly Interested & Fully Qualified

Your leads are YOURS and they already know about your franchise opportunity!  Through a combination of sales funnel automation and paid ads, we qualify your leads into your deal.  Just show up on the calls and close!

Done For You Marketing Automation

We set up the entire Franchise Development System for you, from the marketing pages and email copy to the automation and online advertising.  You just get on the phone when someone books a call!

No Broker Or Network Fees Again

Your leads.  Your marketing.

We connect you with people interested in buying in right now using digital ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more!

Case Studies

Jay Conner

From email marketing and paid traffic to lead generation...

Andrew Schlag

Closing 1 in 9 qualified seller leads through DFY automated marketing systems.

Your Featured Franchise

Our Clients Dominate Their Industries Online

Facebook Ad Management

Video and Image-based ads created, edited, setup, and managed
Clicks campaigns, conversion campaigns. impression campaigns, etc.
Extensive audience building from the FB pixel
Livestream and content-based asset streaming for audience acquisition
Lookalike audiences optimized and leveled up

Google Ad

Extensive keyword research for campaigns
Keyword-based landing page setup and optimization
Expertly crafted ad copy, callouts, and bid setting
Ad split tests from Day 1, continuing weekly
Conversion pixel setup for daily management and tracking

Video & Image-Based Retargeting

Banner creation in all popular sizes for the retargeting network.
Cookie setup and page URL's defined for inclusion/exclusion
Campaign setup with Retargeting Step Automation
Split tests for both creative and landing pages set up
Daily management and tracking

Advanced Analytics

AI-based analytics track every prospect through your sales funnel, from ads to emails to website.

Marketing Automation

Your prospects see the marketing THEY need to make an investment decision when they need it, on autopilot.

Prospect Tracking

Keep track of every detail about your leads, from their contact  information to email history to call notes.

Autoresponder Engine

Fill-in-the-blank email autoresponder copy that converts leads to buyers fast - all pretty much done for you!

Page Builder Stacks

Proven, conversion oriented sales pages (and an automated webinar system) to dial in your sales funnel fast...

KPI Metrics Dashboard

Single screen, at a glance business intelligence you can rely on and make decisions about your business...


"Your future company will be counting your millions."

“DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best. If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results. This is that company. Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions” 😊

Steve & Gina Szumigale

Real Estate Steve & Mrs. Real Estate Steve

Steve & Gina Szumigale

Inside AXIS FranDev Software

Get Access To Leading Franchise Development CRM Online

Top Tools & Features
Customizable Forms For FranDev Automation
Email Marketing Automation for ALL Leads
SMS/Text Message Marketing
Email Copy For Prospecting And Nurture Campaigns
Marketing & Landing Pages for Lead Generation
Subscribers & Marketing Dashboards

Platform Tour

Drag 'N Drop Form Builder

Infinitely Customizable With Automation Built In

Collect all the info you need right from a drag and drop form...

First name, last name, email, phone...
Add new custom fields that you need with a few button clicks
Trigger automation campaigns immediately after form fill!

Custom Contact Records

Never Lose Track Of Contact Information Or Records

You control your data.  Add custom fields, take notes, upload docs and photos.  Your records are yours!

Save important documents to each and every contact record!
Collect custom information for your business...
Upload pictures, see geographic data, and more!

Customizable Marketing Automation

Drag and Drop Campaign Builder Makes Marketing Automation Easy

Tie in forms, SMS/text messages, emails, and tags all into one complete campaign flow!

Trigger emails and SMS messages based on marketing automation
Get your contacts the information they need to make a buying decision immediately!
Stay in constant contact with your prospects on autopilot!

Franchise building at scale

Marketing Automation That Scales With You

Email and SMS marketing are the most effective ways to communicate with your prospects, but it takes a long time (and lots of practice) to write the kinds of emails that command attention.

Axis solves that problem by combining proven subject lines, engaging body copy, and calls-to-action that get the click - all done for you!

Inside Axis, you'll find email and SMS campaigns perfectly designed to engage and attract the exact right franchisees for you.

Done For You Email Copy

Never Write Email From Scratch... Again!

Choose from thousands of email templates that are proven to work; helping you sell more product, engage with prospects, or simply bond with your audience!

DFY Franchise Email Templates

From lead generation to sales management, AXIS helps you get more franchises sold in the same amount of time...

Webinar Promotion Email Sequence (4 emails)

Webinar Replay Email Sequence (4 emails)

Direct Revenue Email Sequence (3 emails)

Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Sequence (3 emails)

Flash Sale Email Sequence (3 emails)

Physical Product Email Sequence (3 emails)

Cold Prospecting Email Sequence (2 emails)

Lead Magnet Promo Email Sequence (3 emails)

Survey Promotion Sequence (3 emails)

Re-Engagement Email Sequence (3 emails)

Bonding or Nurture Email Sequence (3 emails)

Ascension or Upsell Email Sequence (3 emails)

Sign Up For The DFY Lead Gen System

Start getting seller leads in your area!  People who are ready and willing to do business with you!

Franchise Development Lead Gen System

AXIS Franchise Development Software
Highly Interested & Fully Qualified Leads
Done For You Marketing Automation
Email Marketing Campaign & Copy Setup
SMS / Text Message Campaign & Copy Setup
Google Adwords Setup
Retargeted Ads Setup
Facebook Ad Setup
Instagram Ad Setup
Franchise Marketing Pages Setup


Marketing That Works

Everyone knows the money is in the followups. The problem most people have is unless you're a world class copywriter, writing great emails, emails that actually convert is really difficult.

Sure, you can hire an email copywriter, but at $100 per email, it's just not something many marketers, bloggers, solo-preneurs can afford.

Thats why I love scriptly… all you have to do is click a few buttons, enter some information ...and within seconds… instant email campaign.

And these emails are good.

Damn good.

Instead of slaving away writing your own emails from scratch, I'd give Scriptly a try… just enter a few pieces of information, select which type of email campaign you want it to create for you and within a few seconds, you've got a few hundred dollars worth of email copy… handed to you on a silver platter.

It's friggin' awesome.

Dave Miz

We Joined Scriptly for the autoresponders and were amazed when got our first sale within 3 hours of automating!

We’re so relieved to have found a tool that makes writing emails simple and removes the anxiety of wondering if they will actually work. Now we’re really excited about the future success of our email marketing!

Geoffrey Owen

Scriptly just saved my life. Literally. The amount of time I have saved I can finally take up knitting. A hobby I wanted to do for years. Just kidding, but Scriptly is no joke.

Where has this tool been my whole life? I don't have to think about emails or webinars anymore. A few minutes here and everything is set. I just created a couple of email sequences in less than 5 minutes. Normally, that would of taken me at least a half day and a lot of brain power. Thank you, Scriptly.

If you are thinking about using Scriptly. Stop. Just sign up. You'll thank yourself later. Ok. Back to knitting.

Brandon Lewin

First off, let me THANK YOU for this AMAZING service!  I am SO tired of writing emails, and with this promo - telesummit I'm putting on - well, lets just say the number of emails before, during and after that will need written is damned overwhelming.

You've cut at least a week's worth of work down to maybe a day.

And I am so not a copywriter, nor am I a particularly good executive assistant... especially when it to myself.

I've been in the infopreneur industry for ll years now. Sure wish you'd been around when I got started. Would have been at least a year's worth of work this would have saved me.

Patricia Reszetylo

To say I've been looking for a tool like Scriptly all my life would be an understatement!

Writing email copy has always been somewhat of a 'block' for me... so I avoided doing it (well, at least doing it well).

Scriptly has not only saved me a TON of time with writing email, it's gotten me excited about email marketing again!

Scriptly creates effective emails that convert! I am recommending Scriptly to all of my clients and subscribers!

Kim Doyal

Scriptly has saved me so much time. It no longer takes me days to create autoresponder sequences. Whenever I need to create email marketing campaigns for my business or for clients I use the templates generated by Scriptly and then make a few edits to add my own personality to the emails.

As they are proven and tested templates, I am confident in using them. It's the writers block cure because I never have to write emails from scratch. The amount of templates Scriptly provides means you are spoilt for choice on what to promote to your list.

Highly recommended.

Rochelle Odubela

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There A Minimum Contract?

No, but we generally need 3 months to dial the system in.  It takes 5-7 days to deploy the system (10 deployments per week max).

How much do I need to spend on ads?

We require our clients set a minimum budget of $1500 per month on ads - typically $750 per platform. Less than that means that you're not going to be getting enough traffic to your website for a profitable return on the program.

Where will my ads be showing?

They'll be live on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and also any other site that participates in the retargeting programs that we use!  Sites like,,, etc.

Do you offer discounts for longer term?

Yes, we have 6-month and 12-month agreements available where you save 15% and 30% respectively.

Can I pay by check or wire?

Yes.  Please email [email protected] or call 877-425-7049 and we'll send you an invoice.

How is support handled?

You will be assigned an account manager who will be your contact through the process.  You can chat by calling in, email, or scheduling an update Zoom Call with them!

"DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best.  If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results.  This is that company.  Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions."

- Steve & Gina Szumigale
Founder, Freedom Sky Real Estate 
Erie, PA



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