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... By seeing what they're interested in, how they're moving through your lead generation funnels, and what's prompting their decision to apply!

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Real Comments From Statly Members

"This solves all the headaches when it comes to digging into analytics!"

Rochelle Odubela

"I can finally see how sales are coming in from our content!"

Keith Parvin

You'll Love These Amazing Features

Adding one little code snippet transforms your website into a full-service student acquisition portal where you can see exactly who's visiting, what they're doing, and what's making them apply!

  • Conversion Goals

    Statly can show you what people are doing BEFORE they go to your application page, hit the contact page, or venture off to dig into a major!

  • Triggered Notifications

    Receive alerts when any page on your website is performing better (or worse) than expected.

  • Content Driven ROI

    Finally, find out which content elements are responsible for getting prospective students to fill out a form asking for more information about your programs and campus!

  • 360° Dashboard

    Get a comprehensive look at all of your website stats – in one screen!

  • Sales Funnel Tracking

    See a top-down view of visitors as they move through your web pages and lead generation funnels, plus see where those prospective students dropped off!

  • Integrations

    Integrate Statly with your website CMS, custom or otherwise, plus any third-party platforms you use.

Enroll More Of The Prospective Students Visiting Your Website With Statly!

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Enroll More Of The Prospective Students Visiting Your Website With Statly!

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Built For Education

Receive more highly-qualified leads by optimizing your website and catering specifically to what your prospective students should be hearing from you!

Statly is perfect for...

    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • Community Colleges
    • Junior Colleges
    • Career Schools
    • Technical Schools
    • Vocational/Trade Schools
    • Distance Education
    • Other Educational Providers

    Get Instant Insight

    Generate more qualified leads from the visitors who are already hitting your website!

    Enroll More Of The Prospective Students Visiting Your Website With Statly!

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    Getting Started

    Here's the 4-step process for setting up Statly on your website!

    • 1

      Activate Your Statly Account

      First, activate your Statly account by choosing one of the 30-day free trial plans here... Immediately after, you'll be sent to a walkthrough video that'll show you all the bells and whistles!

    • 2

      Set up your website

      Next, set up your domain name inside Statly and paste the tracking code in your website (or integrate Statly with one of the plugins or add-ons). You can also track third-party applications if you're using them...

    • 3

      Configure at least one goal

      After you install the Statly tracking code, you'll want to set up at least ONE goal under "Events." Goals are how Statly's AI-based funnel engine backtracks visitors, so you'll need at least one for the software to really light up!

    • 4

      Track Your Data

      Statly will start tracking visitors instantly. In fact, you'll be able to see users in the "Live" section right away. To make the data meaningful, you'll want to give it a few days so it can start crunching the numbers...

    30-Day Risk-Free Trial

    Install Statly on your website(s) and test it out for a full 30-days, risk-free!  We know that you'll love the data and the insight that Statly provides, and it'll give you immediate clarity and insight into your website data...  The better you understand the data, the more dramatic the impact will be on your college or university!

    Enroll More Of The Prospective Students Visiting Your Website With Statly!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the questions we get asked most often.  If there's anything we can help you with, please email [email protected]!

    • q-iconCan I Get Help Interpreting The Data?

      Absolutely!  Just email our support desk at [email protected] and a friendly member of our customer service staff will get back to you as soon as possible!  If you’re an Enterprise Level client, your Dedicated Implementation Rep will handle your questions!

    • q-iconWhat are Opportunity Notifications?

      After Statly is installed and tracking visitors on your website, it starts to learn how visitors are interacting with your pages and converting through your sales funnels and goals.  When Statly detects a change, like more buyers hit a blog post before they purchase or more leads are filling in an optin form in the sidebar of a single page, the software will let you know through email so you can focus in on it.

    • q-iconHow do I cancel?

      Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll get your subscription and account canceled.