5 Email Sequences You Need If Want To Boost Your Conversion Online (Both Digital And Physical Products!)

5 Product Promotion

Discover which 5 autoresponder sequences should be used for selling digital products, selling physical products, promoting webinars and running sales events!

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  • Discover exactly how to introduce your product to new leads, and how to bond with them effectively through email...
  • Find out how to 'nudge' a prospect in the direction of your product without being overly promotional through email...
  • Learn the sequencing and preframing techniques needed to sell your product before your audience EVER sees a sales page!
  • Find out how to use 're-engagement sequences' and 'shopping cart abandonment sequences' successfully...
  • Plus, learn WHEN each of these emails should be firing out, to maximize your sales without burning out your list!
  • And a LOT more!

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The most valuable asset you have in your business is your email list - if you know how to work it.  With a responsive email list, you can launch new products or services whenever you want and not have to wonder if what you're doing will work or not!

Jason Drohn