DFY Ad Management Services


All DFY Ad Management Packages Include

*If you'd rather receive an invoice and pay that way, please let us know.  That option is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a long term contract?

No, not unless you specifically ask for one to qualify for a discount.  Any ad management package can be terminated at any time.

Do you offer discounted services?

Yes, there are discounts on 6-month and 12-month commitments.  If you're interested in something like that, please contact us here or email Jason directly.

... For Advanced Ad Management, do you manage multiple ad networks?

Yes, for the Advanced Ad Management and Virtual CMO service plans, we'll manage (and setup) whatever ad networks you want to use.  We frequently deploy tests in other networks for clients to extend their reach or hit a different group of buyers.

Can I pay with check or wire transfer?

Yes, we can send an invoice and you can pay that way if you prefer.  Our wire information and mailing address will be listed.