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We help people make money by teaching what they know, in lots of different niches! From real estate to crypto to investing to parenting; we've done it all.

The digital education market has witnessed explosive growth, fueled by technological advancements and changing learning preferences. Valued at hundreds of billions of dollars globally, this sector continues to expand rapidly. 

Driving this growth is the increasing demand for accessible and flexible learning solutions. Individuals are turning to online courses, virtual classrooms, and e-learning platforms, breaking down geographical barriers and creating new revenue streams for educators and content creators.


We help brainstorm courses thorugh mind mapping, idea generation exercises, and problem-solving frameworks so your students get the best course possible.

Video Capture

Either on location or through Zoom, we record content following the brainstorming documents, capturing your expertise on video.

Video Edit

 After the video is captured, we edit it into course content, get transcripts, summaries, notes, and everything else needed to publish an exceptional course!

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Steve & Gina Szumigale

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