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Platforms We Specialize In

Our Specialists Drive Traffic In Lots Of Different Verticals With One Common Priority: Conversion.

Meta Ad Management

Elevate your Facebook advertising with our comprehensive Ad Management Service.  We specialize in creating compelling video and image-based ads, meticulously managed for clicks, conversions, and impressions. 

Utilizing the Facebook Pixel, we build targeted audiences for maximum impact. Plus, our livestream and asset streaming services engage your audience in real-time, while our lookalike audience optimization expands your reach. Ready for next-level results?

Google Ad Management

Maximize your online presence with our Google Ad Management Service. We start by conducting in-depth keyword research to ensure your campaigns target the right audience effectively. 

Our team crafts expert ad copy, callouts, and optimizes bid settings to align with your business goals. We don't believe in a "set it and forget it" approach; that's why we initiate ad split tests from Day 1 to continually fine-tune your campaigns. 

Additionally, our conversion pixel setup allows for meticulous daily management and real-time tracking, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Linkedin Ad Management

Elevate your B2B marketing with our LinkedIn Advertising Management Service. We begin with comprehensive research to target decision-makers in your industry effectively. Our experts craft compelling ad copy, callouts, and fine-tune bid settings to align with your specific objectives. 

From the first day, we employ ad split tests to optimize your campaigns for the highest ROI. Our conversion pixel setup ensures daily management and real-time tracking, so you're never in the dark about your campaign performance.

Youtube Ad Management

Amplify your brand's reach with our YouTube Ad Management Service. We kick off your campaigns with thorough keyword research, targeting viewers who are most likely to engage with your content. Our team specializes in crafting compelling ad copy, callouts, and optimizing bid settings to maximize your ROI. 

We hit the ground running with ad split tests from Day 1, ensuring your campaigns are continually refined for peak performance. Plus, our conversion pixel setup allows for daily management and real-time tracking, so you're always in the loop.

Retargeting Ad Management

Boost your conversions with our Retargeting Ads Management Service. We design eye-catching banners in all popular sizes to ensure maximum visibility across retargeting networks. Our team sets up cookies and defines page URLs for precise inclusion/exclusion, tailoring your campaigns to re-engage potential customers effectively. 

We automate your retargeting steps and set up split tests for both creative elements and landing pages, ensuring your campaigns are continually optimized. Plus, our daily management and real-time tracking keep you informed and in control. Ready to re-engage and convert your audience like never before?

TikTok Ad Management

Elevate your brand's social presence with our TikTok Ad Management Service. We start by crafting engaging ad copy and visuals that resonate with the TikTok audience. Our team fine-tunes bid settings and employs split tests from Day 1 to ensure your campaigns are optimized for maximum ROI. 

We also offer daily management and real-time tracking, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Whether you're looking to boost brand awareness, drive traffic, or increase conversions, we've got you covered.

Let's Get Your Digital Marketing Dialed In!

How We're Different

We manage by the numbers - not just click costs but lead conversation, sales conversion, cost per customer, and a lot more. After optimization and split testing, we're able to scale campaigns as high and as fast as our clients will let us.

Integrated Ad Stats

After setting up conversion pixels, custom audiences and lookalike audiences, all the data you need to see how well your campaigns are doing is available to you at a glance.

Custom Audiences

Filled with people who have been to your website, your landing pages, watched a video, been on your page, etc; your customer audiences are one of the hottest sources of buyers you have access to! We’ll make sure they convert.

Retargeting Stacks

We don’t just build campaigns for cold traffic or retargeting traffic. When we work on a project, we’re thinking about the lifecycle of that prospect – from the first time they see an ad to what happens to them 30 days after.

Video Ads & Editing

Video ads are our specialty. Whether it’s B-roll with a voiceover or full motion video with you. We’ll script it, edit it, and work in whatever way makes you the most comfortable.

All Ad Management Packages Include

Ad Management

Ads created and managed
Audiences and demographics managed
Ad split testing done in account
New creative and ad ideas
Daily account management


Unlimited ad campaigns
Unlimited ad sets and ad groups
Unlimited ads created and tested
Comprehensive conversion tracking and pixel setup
Weekly video reports


Retargeting campaigns setup and managed
Retargeting pixels set up
Custom conversions set up
Lookalike audiences
Unlimited retargeting ads

Let's Get Your Digital Marketing Dialed In!

You'll Get ALL Of This...

Expert Ad Design

Our DFY ad team who's responsible for spending tens of millions on Facebook traffic will be designing the exact look and feel of your ads!

Click Crushing Copy

We'll write the copy for your Facebook Ads from scratch including headlines, body text, button copy, and everything in between so it's sure to get clicks!

Video Scripting

We'll script out video ads for you so you always know what to say when you walk up to the camera or get ready for recording!

Video Editing

Your videos will be professionally edited for that 'authentic' or polished look - depending on what your audience will respond to!

Weekly Reports

You'll get weekly reporting showing you ad spend, clicks, and conversion metrics that matter for your business!

Ad Support

We're here for you when you need us. You'll get priority access to our team whenever you need it. Just send an email with new ideas, questions, or anything else that comes to mind for your ads!

Done For You Video Examples

We script, edit, and coach you through creating high-converting videos for Facebook and Instagram! We'll edit them up with b-roll, do transitions and lower thirds, and so much more!

DFY Ads Skyrocketing Growth

Hear What Done For You Ads Has Done For A Few Of Our Clients

Jay Conner

From email marketing and paid traffic to lead generation...

Andrew Schlag

Closing 1 in 9 qualified seller leads through DFY automated marketing systems.

Let's Get Your Digital Marketing Dialed In!

You'll Receive Ads Just Like This...

... For Your Business Though!

Let's Get Your Digital Marketing Dialed In!

"Your future company will be counting your millions."

“DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best. If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results. This is that company. Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions” 😊

Real Estate Steve & Mrs. Real Estate Steve

Steve & Gina Szumigale

Done For You Ad Management

Fast Track Your Success Online By Getting Customized Ads, Copy, Demographics and Interests, Retargeting and Conversion Pixel setup, and so much more!

Advanced Ad Management System

Video ad scripting, editing, publishing
Ad Pixels will be installed on your website
Custom Conversions and Event Tracking will be added to simplify reporting
Ad copy, images and targeting will be added to your accounts
Custom Audiences will be created, based on prospects and buyers
Retargeting (including ads, images, custom audiences) will be set up in your accounts
Continual split testing of ad creative and ad campaigns
Reporting dashboard will be created for your project to track project KPIs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you manage multiple ad networks? Like Facebook and Google?

Yes, we prefer to run advertising on two or more networks simultaneously so that when one changes, we don't feel the effects as much. Facebook/Instagram and Google/Youtube are the two primary ad networks we'll run on. Some of our clients also get great results on Linkedin, Pinterest, and Native Ad networks.

Do you retain a percentage of ad spend for management costs?

No - all of your advertising is done in your ad accounts so that you can log in and see what's happening whenever you want. We don't keep a percentage of ad spend or get kickbacks from the ad networks... All of your ad budget goes 100% to ads and getting you traffic and sales.

Can I pay with check or wire transfer?

Yes, we can send an invoice and you can pay that way if you prefer. Our wire information and mailing address will be listed.

What can I advertise on Facebook?

Well, anything really. We've had the BEST results with physical products like supplements, posters, photography gear, clothes and gym equipment. We've also sold a LOT of coaching, consulting and digital products in the real estate space, B2B, photography, and parent markets.


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