Get High Intent Clients And Customers By Dominating Paid Search Traffic

Harness the world's leading search engine to funnel eager buyers directly to your business with Google Advertising.  Click Below To Find Out More!

Get Customers And Clients Who Are Already Looking For You In Google!

Gain a competitive edge with our in-depth competitive analysis and market research, designed to identify growth opportunities for your business.
Capture attention and drive action with our persuasive ad copy and strategically targeted Google Ads, aimed at reaching your ideal customers.
Turn more visitors into leads or customers with our high-converting landing pages, optimized for maximum conversion.
Engage and prompt action from your audience with our customized scripting, editing, and launching of tailor-made video ads.
Simplify your analytics and make data-driven decisions easier with our custom conversions and event tracking features.
Extend your reach and personalize your messaging with our custom audiences, created based on your potential and existing customers.
Re-engage potential leads and ensure no opportunity is missed with our retargeting strategies implemented on your Google Ads account.
Continuously optimize for maximum effectiveness and ROI with our ongoing A/B testing of ad creatives and campaigns.
Stay informed and agile in your decision-making with our dedicated reporting dashboard, crafted to allow easy tracking of your specific KPIs.

You'll Receive ALL Of This...

Get Google PPC Campaigns Done For You - By The Numbers - In A Way That Generates Leads, Sales, And More!  After optimization and split testing, we're able to scale campaigns as high and as fast as our clients will let us.

Integrated Ad Stats

After setting up conversion pixels, keywords, and ad copy; all the data you need to see how well your campaigns are doing is available to you at a glance whenever you'd like!

Converting Keywords

We analyze your website, sales pages, and your competitors to source the perfect keyword phrases for your campaigns. Then, we manage those keywords to extract the best conversions possible.

Retargeting Stacks

We don’t just build campaigns for cold traffic or retargeting traffic. When we work on a project, we’re thinking about the entire media lifecycle of that prospect – from the first time they see an ad to what happens to them 30 days down the road.

Copy And Page Audit

When we get started on a project, the first thing we do is go through a copy and page audit, where we’ll point out and optionally fix things that we know are hurting conversion. That way, when traffic starts, you’re already getting traction!

Great Google Advertising Verticals

Health: fitness, supplements and nutrition (with advertorial)
Motivation: posters, hats, t-shirts
Business Opportunity: coaching programs, digital products
Pets: dog training, collars, toys
Education: workout courses, digital products
Relationships: courses, client acquisition, coaching
Self help: client acquisition, books, courses
Money/Finance: coaching, stock picks
Real Estate: cash for houses, coaching, course
B2B: masterminds, courses, lead generation

Done For You Ads Skyrocketing Growth

Hear About the Results Done For You Has Produced for a Few Of Our Clients

Jay Conner

From email marketing and paid traffic to lead generation...

Andrew Schlag

Closing 1 in 9 qualified seller leads through DFY automated marketing systems.

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"Your future company will be counting your millions."

“DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best. If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results. This is that company. Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions”

Steve & Gina Szumigale

Real Estate Steve & Mrs. Real Estate Steve

Steve & Gina Szumigale

Done For You Google Ads Optimization System

Fast Track Your Success Online By Getting Customized Google PPC Ads, Copy, Keywords, Geographic Targeting and Conversion Pixel setup, and so much more!

We create new ads every month for your products and services AND manage the ad accounts for you!  This is Active Management of your accounts!

We manage the ads for you!  This is Active Management of your ad accounts.  We create the ads AND optimize them inside your accounts!
Ad analytics, competitive analysis, market research, and KPI tracking to map ad results against your goals!
Up to 3 DFY Google Ad Campaigns with persuasive ad copy and strategic targeting
Up to 2 hours of website optimization or tech work per month for campaign landers
Tag Manager Setup and Optimization
Keyword Research and Implementation
Negative Keyword Setup
Split testing of ad creatives and campaigns
Dedicated reporting dashboards
Monthly "Status Update" Calls

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I advertise on Google?

Well, anything really. We've had the BEST results with physical products like supplements, posters, photography gear, clothes and gym equipment. We've also sold a LOT of coaching, consulting and digital products in the real estate space, B2B, photography, and parent markets.

Do you manage multiple ad networks?

Yes, we prefer to run advertising on two or more networks simultaneously so that when one changes, we don't feel the effects as much. Facebook/Instagram and Google/Youtube are the two primary ad networks we'll run on. Some of our clients also get great results on Linkedin, Pinterest, and Native Ad networks.  Please talk to your account manager or email and we'll get you all fixed up!

Do you retain a percentage of ad spend for management costs?

No - all of your advertising is done in your ad accounts so that you can log in and see what's happening whenever you want. We don't keep a percentage of ad spend or get kickbacks from the ad networks... All of your ad budget goes 100% to ads and getting you traffic and sales.

Can I pay with check or wire transfer?

For the monthly ads payment, we require a credit card authorization to be on file.  If you are signing up for a 6-month or 12-month contract, that one time payment can be paid by check or wire.