3 TIMES More Sales From Bounced Traffic


Great Verticals In Retargeting

  • Fitness: supplements and nutrition
  • Motivation: posters, hats, t-shirts
  • DIY: door handles, reclaimed shelves
  • Business Opportunity: coaching programs, digital products
  • Pets: dog training, collars, toys
  • Education: workout courses, digital products
  • B2B: masterminds, courses, lead generation
  • Relationships: courses, client acquisition, coaching
  • Self help: client acquisition, books, courses
  • Music/Podcasts: direct download
  • Apps: download/conversion right to the app stores
  • Real Estate: cash for houses, coaching, courses

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How We're Different

We manage Facebook Campaigns by the numbers - not just click costs but lead conversation, sales conversion, cost per customer, and a lot more.  After optimization and split testing, we're able to scale campaigns as high and as fast as our clients will let us.

  • Integrated Ad Stats

    After setting up conversion pixels, custom audiences and lookalike audiences, all the data you need to see how well your campaigns are doing is available to you at a glance.

  • Lead Automation

    We’ll tie in your CRM or email marketing provider so that all lead data that Facebook collects gets automatically sent to your CRM for marketing.

  • Custom Audiences

    Filled with people who have been to your website, your landing pages, watched a video, been on your page, etc; your customer audiences are one of the hottest sources of buyers you have access to!  We’ll make sure they convert.

  • Copy And Page Audit

    When we get started on a project, the first thing we do is go through a copy and page audit, where we’ll point out and optionally fix things that we know are hurting conversion.  That way, when traffic starts, you’re already getting traction!

  • Retargeting Stacks

    We don’t just build campaigns for cold traffic or retargeting traffic.  When we work on a project, we’re thinking about the entire media lifecycle of that prospect – from the first time they see an ad to what happens to them 30 days down the road.

  • Video Ads & Editing

    Video ads are our specialty.  Whether it’s B-roll with a voiceover or full motion video with you, the business owner.  We’ll script it, edit it, and work in whatever way makes you the most comfortable.

All Ad Management Packages Include

Take Your Business To The Next Level »

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is FB Ad Management?

Recently, we moved to a credit-based model for our services.  What that means is that Facebook Ad Management is 30 credits, and the package that you sign up for has so many credits allotted to it each month.

The BIGGEST reason for this is because our clients needed more flexibility in the way their services were delivered.  Some wanted Facebook ads and blog posts.  Others wanted Facebook ads and additional sales funnel development.  Still others wanted Facebook Ads and Google Ads!  So, rather than adding services and restructuring deliverables - we just put everything on a credit-based model that grew and changed with each of our clients!

What can I advertise on Facebook?

Well, anything really.  We've had the BEST results with physical products like supplements, posters, photography gear, clothes and gym equipment.  We've also sold a LOT of coaching, consulting and digital products in the real estate space, B2B, photography, and parent markets.

Do you manage multiple ad networks?  Like Facebook and Google?

Yes, we prefer to run advertising on two or more networks simultaneously so that when one changes, we don't feel the effects as much.  Facebook/Instagram and Google/Youtube are the two primary ad networks we'll run on.  Some of our clients also get great results on Linkedin, Pinterest, and Native Ad networks.

Do you retain a percentage of ad spend for management costs?

No - all of your advertising is done in your ad accounts so that you can log in and see what's happening whenever you want.  We don't keep a percentage of ad spend or get kickbacks from the ad networks...  All of your ad budget goes 100% to ads and getting you traffic and sales.

Can I pay with check or wire transfer?

Yes, we can send an invoice and you can pay that way if you prefer.  Our wire information and mailing address will be listed.