Done For You Lead Generation

Get Qualified Leads And Prospects Every Single Day On Autopilot


Systematized Lead Generation

Getting leads isn't the mission.  Pre-qualifying buyers is!

Lead generation should do a few things...  It should pre-qualify buyers so you have an easier time selling to them when they're in your sales funnel (because they actually want what you're offering!).  It should also work on autopilot.

We don't simply send leads that may or may not convert.  That's not our model.  We believe that in order for lead generation to work, you need to have a solid foundation of content and material bolted onto your website to engage and influence a prospect.

That's why you won't fine 'lead packages' or 'price per lead' numbers on our website.

You want leads that turn into sales.  To do that, we build a customized system, an inbound marketing funnel, that'll bring more of those prospects into your business.

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  • Generate Leads

    We’ll manage your traffic and lead generation campaigns for you by writing your ads, dialing in your targeting and nurturing that traffic through email marketing campaigns.

  • High Conversion Copy

    Email autoresponders are the single best way of reaching your target market after they make contact, and we can write all of your email copy for both internal and external promotions.

  • Converting Landing Pages

    We’ll deploy landing pages that are proven to convert your traffic to leads, knowing that a high percentage of your visitors are converting into your sales funnels…

  • Build To Suit

    We’ll work in whatever email marketing platform your business is built in.  If you aren’t already built into a platform like Infusionsoft or Drip – we’ll give you access to the software we’ve created!

  • Automation Systems

    Your marketing should be ‘systems-based’ meaning that it works, even when you aren’t.  We can set everything up so that your prospects are being marketed to, and you’re getting leads, any time of day or night!

  • Pre-qualify Buyers

    Our lead generation systems pre-qualify buyers for your business so they’re ready to take action on your offers more quickly…  Engaging with your business and turning into a lifelong customer.

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Lead Generation

We build the systems and send the traffic that'll engage with your offer - from simple email leads to fully qualified prospects.

We take a concise look at your business and put together a custom plan that'll get leads flowing through your website.  From there, we build the pages, write the email copy, create the ads, and put everything in place for you.

From there, we manage the ad campaigns, track conversions, and make sure that the leads coming to you are perfect for your offer.  If they aren't, we fix the targeting until the campaigns are completely dialed in and you can scale as much as you want.

Complete Ad Management

A steady stream of leads requires daily focus on the traffic that you're getting.

We monitor your campaigns daily to make sure that your lead generation campaigns are performing exactly the way you want them to.  If leads drop off or conversion costs rise, we do what we need to do to bring those numbers back in line.

Optimizing the ad campaigns includes landing page split tests, ad creative split tests, writing different ads, editing new promo videos, and a number of other things...  We do this all for you so you can concentrate on running your business.

Qualifying Buyers

Leads need to convert into paying customers quickly!

If they don't, then there's something in the lead generation process that needs tweaked.

In our lead generation systems, we create all of the marketing material and educational material needed to pre-qualify your buyers as early in the process as possible.

That way, when you get a lead, you know they're highly likely to convert quickly so you can re-invest that profit into growing your business even faster.

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The Done For You Email Marketing Process

  • 1

    Tell Us About Your Business

    Simply fill out the short application telling us about your business and your products. Also, make sure to check the boxes for what you're interested in having us help you with.

  • 2

    Book An Action Plan Call

    After you fill out the application, we'll send you a link to book an Action Plan call as long as everything looks good... On the call, we'll talk about your business and what you want to do online.

  • 3

    Approve The Action Plan

    After the Action Plan call, we'll send you a writeup with the strategy we came up with on the call. At this point, you'll approve it and we'll start writing and building!

  • 4

    Review Drafts

    After a week or so, we'll load up all of your email copy in draft form to Dropbox. You'd then go through it and either request changes you want made or make the changes yourself (sometimes that's easier for small tweaks).

  • 5

    We Deploy Everything!

    Then, we build everything into your email marketing software (automations, email campaigns, rules, triggers, etc.) and we're live! The next step is then getting the lead source dialed in.

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