The survival market is one of the hottest niches in Internet marketing for good reason – the prevailing strategy for a survivalist is to ‘buy and hold,’ as well as invest in educating themselves.

In a pepper’s mind, the end is coming…  It’s up to them to keep their families safe.  And if you need proof of that, just check out Ryan Deiss’s site, Survival Life.  Survival Life is doing more than a $1 million dollars a month in revenue [source], with a huge portion of that being in continuity.

Today, I want to share with you a quick way of getting into the survival market, without needing to write content, without building a website, and without spending hours and hours working on a blog that may or may not work…

At the end of the day…  Traffic in the survival market is pennies per click, and we’ve got an entire survival campaign all ready for you inside Scriptly


1) The Prepper Mindset Is To Buy And Hold

Nowhere else online will you find a market where the overall theme of consumption is a ‘buy and hold’ strategy.  Survivalist stockpile food, weapons, ammo, and supplies…  Meaning, they just keep buying more and stashing it in some shed or basement somewhere!

In addition, living off the grid, hand to hand combat, water filtration, medical and a host of other things need to be learned for the survivalists family to survive.

That means that as soon as someone decides that they need to start preparing – they’re buying both training and supplies.

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2) The Survival Market Responds To Fear

Unlike any other market online, survivalists respond to fear.  In fact, it’s pretty difficult to write copy in the survival market unless you’re either:

  1. A prepper yourself, or…
  2. A damn good copywriter

Most of why they’re doing what they’re doing is based in protecting themselves or their loved ones.  They want to make sure that they have enough food and medicine to survive a fallout, plus enough protection to keep safe what’s there (or to forcibly take someone else’s stuff…)

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3) Traffic Is Cheap

Because survival has hit mainstream pretty hard in the last 2 years, it’s getting easier and easier to target survival-minded individuals.  In fact, I was just looking at the magazine stand in the grocery store, and they have an entire section on survival information now…

We’re talking storage, guns, vehicles, combat, protection, food and water…  You name it.

You’re posts and pages aren’t going to go viral in social media because people typically don’t share that kind of content, but they will click through and sign up on your landing page!

In some cases, we get 5 and 6 cent clicks in the US, which makes survival an extremely good market to start building a list in!

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