Yesterday, we did a live workshop walking through 3 sales triggers you can use in your webinars, no matter what you’re selling.

We talked about

  • The normal webinar flow with a webinar registration page, a few emails, and a Call To Action.
  • A more advanced, evergreen solution for turning traffic into sales accounting for the fact that the majority of your traffic won’t buy on the live webinar itself…  They buy from your sales letter.
  • Something I call “CTA Dependence,” which matches the Call To Action with the offer type on the webinar…
  • The 2-2-2 replay email sequence that is responsible for increasing conversion by as much as 80%…
  • What to do if you’re offering MORE than one thing on the webinar… You have lots of different stuff to sell that’s applicable to the same target market!
  • Plus a lot more!

At the very end, I invited you to get on the phone with my team and I. We’ll walk through your business model, your offer, and figure out the best way to sell your stuff online… That might be through a webinar, a VSL upsell sequence or a streamlined lead-generation process. Regardless of what you’re marketing, we’ve got the experience to shave months or years off of your learning curve!

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