Turning prospects into clients is an art form, and a required skill in business.  People can find you through a bunch of different mediums, like Facebook, Twitter, email or referrals; and it’s up to you to spend your time as wisely as possible.

Here are 4 tips that’ll help you work more effectively and get the clients that you want!


Ask the right questions before ever letting anyone book a time to talk to you.  If you ask the right questions, you’ll know in a heartbeat whether or not this person is going to be a good fit for your program or product.

If they’re a good fit – awesome!  If not, don’t feel bad about canceling the appointment and moving on.

Charge For The Call

A great way of getting rid of ‘tirekickers’ is to charge up front for your call or meeting.  It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it does serve as a barrier of entry to folks who are just looking to waste your time.

You can set it up as a normal ‘hourly rate’ or even take a deposit that’s refunded after someone actually gets on the phone with you.

Send Reminder Emails

It’s always best to send reminder emails before the call or meeting is about to take place, in much the same way that webinars have reminders.  I’ve found that the clients who are the busiest, and most likely to forget about a meeting, are the ones that you REALLY want to work with because they’re busy.

If someone has the time on their hands to just sit around and wait by the phone, chances are they’re not going to be a great client for you to have…

Standardize The Flow

We live in a digital culture, where things are shared and emailed and private messages all over the place.  There’s no telling how someone is going to find out about you and what you do.

It’s worthwhile to standardize the process as much as possible for getting a new client on the phone.  That involves webinars, videos and email, all pointing to a link where they can book a time with you.  Don’t let any of your marketing efforts to chance!

If you’re serious about getting more high-quality clients, sign up for TimeSlots and start scheduling smarter!