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When it comes to selling products online, whether they’re digital or physical, one of the best ways to do it is through email.  If you ask for the sale too early, your conversions are going to be abysmal.  If you wait too long, you’re prospects won’t be as engaged as they should be…

So, what we do with our clients is create product sales sequences that move them toward purchasing something soon after opting in!

Today, what I want to share with you the specific sequences we use to sell products..  Regardless of what you sell, with the Autoresponder Engine, you’re able to craft your emails intelligently, always catering to the individual subscribers in the different segments of your email list.

Now, let’s dig into the email sequences that’ll help you dial in your marketing…

5 Sequences To Automate Your Sales Funnel

Product Sales Sequence

First up, we’ve got the 3-day Product Sales Sequence.  It the sequence you need to sell your product to your list, based on high-open subject lines and highly clickable email body copy.

With it, you can send your list right to sales videos or long form sales letters, as well as advertorial-type landing pages.  (Plus, there’s now a VSL Creator inside Scriptly for you too!)

You can also use it for multi-video launches, sending folks from one video to the next!

Whenever you want to promote a product, service or coaching program to your list, use this sequence.

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(Note: We do have a sequence coming soon that writes all of your product launch copy as well!)

Ascension Sequence

The Ascension Sequence is designed for customers who buy a product, but not the next upsell..

So, you use this when someone buys your front end report or membership, but not one of your upsets.  If they buy your front end product, but not Upsell #1 or Upsell #2, you’re going to deploy the Ascension Sequence.

If they buy your front end product and Upsell #1, but not Upsell #2, you’re still going to use the Ascension Sequence…  The only difference is you’re going to set it up to sell Upsell #2!

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Shopping Cart Abandonment

The Shopping Cart Abandonment Sequence isn’t particularly sexy, but it is powerful.  With this sequence, you’ll want to tag everyone who adds a product to the shopping cart, and then fire this email series when they don’t buy after 24 hours.

So, your rule will be something like:

  1. If prospect adds product to cart, put them in the Shopping Cart Abandonment Sequence.
  2. When prospect buys, move them out of the Shopping Cart Abandonment Sequence.
  3. If they are still there after 24 hours, start sending them email reminders, until they buy.


Click here to get the Shopping Cart Abandonment Sequence >>

Flash Sale Sequence

The Flash Sale Sequence is used when someone clicks a link to your sales letter, but doesn’t buy at full price…  Or, you can use it to re-engage your list…  Or, you can use it just because.

The idea with a Flash Sale is you get a bunch of new buyers for your discounted front end product, and then you march them through an upsell funnel to make some of that money back.

… Which means, you can use the Ascension Sequence for the products that folks don’t buy in your funnel!

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Webinar Replay Emails

After someone signs up for a webinar, it’s pretty common to mail the replay video out to your new list.

What the Post-Webinar Email Sequence does is add a twist to it…  We push the sale.  Pretty hard.

If someone signed up for your webinar and either attended or didn’t, we want to make sure that they have every opportunity to buy your offer possible.  And after running hundreds of webinars, we’ve perfected the replay sequence many times over.

Typically, whatever sales you got on your webinar – you’ll double that with this sequence going out within 24 hours of the webinar…

Click here to get the Post-Webinar Email Sequence >>

Webinar Promotion Emails

The Pre-Webinar Emails are what you’ll send to your list to promote your webinar…  Meaning, after you decide to do a webinar, you’ll queue this series up in your autoresponder and just let it go.

From a behavioral segmentation standpoint, there isn’t much going on with this ones, unless you’re moving someone off of a sequence that promotes a video, to a sequence that promotes a webinar.  (Some folks would rather buy on a webinar!)

They key to these emails is to really spell out the benefits that someone will receive by attending!

Click here to get the Pre-Webinar Email Sequence >>

Wrapping Up

All in all, we have over 30 email sequences all done up and ready for you inside Scriptly…  Bonding sequences.  Shopping Cart Abandonment sequences.  Re-engagement sequences.  Lead magnet sequences.

The 5 we talked about above are the ones our member’s use the most, so we figured it’d be good to introduce you to them one by one so you could see how they’re used!

Now, true email marketing ninjas like yourself can see how powerful these are when you add a little bit of segmentation and automation too them…  Think dynamic sales funnels based on how prospects interact with you?!

More on that to come in a future update.  For now, make sure to click here and grab your free trial of Scriptly!

Now, tell us how you plan on driving some revenue through your products!