Woman having a video meeting at desk

Woman having a video meeting at desk

There’s no better content medium for storytelling than video, and it can hugely impact the success of your campaigns and marketing. It’s also a great way to connect with your customers and create a deeper relationship with them. And don’t think this praise of video marketing has no coverage. Video is such an important part of marketing strategy that it accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic; social media videos generate 1200% more shares than regular posts and almost 90% of marketers today use videos in their marketing efforts.

What you put in videos depends on your choice, but one is for sure, there has to be a spot for video content in your marketing strategy. Also, once you finally decide to employ video marketing, there are strategies that can help your videos find the right viewers and boost sales and traffic. Here’s how to achieve that:

Find your audience

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You can’t make marketing videos for everyone—this doesn’t work. It’s great if you manage to create a viral video everyone is sharing to boost your online popularity, but in general, you need to aim your video marketing towards achieving your business goals (drive brand awareness, boost sales and traffic, etc.) To achieve your goals, start by finding your ideal clients, studying what they like to watch, and creating that specific content.

Brand your videos

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No matter what kind of video content you create, from improvised videos to professionally edited webinars, you need to brand your material. Branding not only allows people to instantly recognize your videos, but also makes it easier to find your content. Additionally, it gives away the impression that your company is highly professional and can be trusted. There are various branding elements you can rely on such as your logo in the corner, a short intro or outro, recognizable jingle in the background, unique outfit you’re wearing, etc.

Showcase your personality

Man in denim shirt recording a video segment

People are quick to scroll over a boring video, and who can blame them. Instead of focusing on facts and stats, engage people with interesting things that set your company culture apart from the competition. People are willing to watch and share videos that are full of personality, so be unique and be you.

Tell a story

woman in blue denim shirt recording a video segment on a cell phone in an office setting

Video marketing relies on storytelling. Viewers usually don’t register any numbers or stats, but they soak up all the inspirational stories or funny material they can connect with. And don’t worry, you don’t need a movie director to tell your story! It’s easy to find a free video maker for amateurs and professionals that allows you to quickly edit clips, add sound and text and turn your little story into an amazing video. The content you create will cost you nothing, yet it will serve your business goals in many ways.

Optimize your videos

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Google indexes everything, YouTube videos included, so if someone searches for your brand, your videos can pop up more than once. To make sure your videos are optimized for this, include keywords in video descriptions. If you’re posting on YouTube, take advantage of their tagging feature which takes videos of different relevance and groups them together. This way, it’s possible for your content to appear in a “related video” section and reach a wider audience.

Include a call to action

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It’s useless to have a video that people watch, yet have no idea what to do after watching. This is a huge waste of money, time and effort. No matter the purpose of your video, it’s easy to include a call to action element and instruct viewers to make desired actions while or after watching your content. You can do that by including text in your videos that link to your website. Or you can invite people to like, share and subscribe to your channel to get new videos every day/week/month. All of these will improve your standings and boost your popularity.

Post consistently

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Your marketing videos need to be considered as campaigns, not random posts. Think more in terms of a series instead of a movie. After you’ve come up with the content for your videos, you need to divide it into parts and create a coming-out schedule. If you have a consistent schedule, it might encourage your audience to come back regularly. If you properly space out your videos, you can use video marketing to create hype over a new product or an exciting announcement.

Analyze your video performance

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Every company that takes their marketing seriously is performing analysis of their websites and social media efforts—you need to do that with videos too. It’s important to see whether the time, money and effort you’re investing in your videos are worth it. A/B testing is a great way to see which elements are working and which need to be tweaked or replaced. Test many times until you find content and timing that is helping you achieve your marketing goals.

People are highly visual creatures, so it’s not a surprise we react so strongly to video marketing content. Use this habit of ours to boost your sales, get money and grow your business.