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TRANSCRIPT: Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn. It always amazes me that more people don't talk about this, but one of the things that I learned when I first started writing copy was naming your audience. So, when you pick out your target market, you go through, they need to make this much money, and they do this and they have this many kids and they go to church, and they drive this car, and they live this place, and they work in this industry, these are the hours they work and all that stuff. Basically, you put together the person in your mind who you're marketing to.

But that person never actually is real to you when you're writing, unless you make them real. So one of the things that I do, and a lot of other great copywriters do, is they actually give this person a name. So this clip is taken out of our Funnel Formula course, and we're going to go through the target market in naming somebody. And then we're going to come back and summarize it after we're all done.

From a sales standpoint, it's what we do. We try to tell stories and we try to create, something for our target market, for our end-user, that gets them putting themselves in the story. Because ultimately, if they put themselves in the story, then they're going to buy your product. It's why if you get somebody to drive a vehicle and you are a car salesman, for the most part, you got a sale in the bag. You just got to figure out the price.

So the neuro coupling piece is what activates when we're talking to our target market. And, we have that target market in mind, and we're writing our sales messages or ad copy directly for them. So that my friend, is why your target market matters. It's what you need to do to find your target market. Go through, figure out who you're targeting, the demographics, and the psychographics of them. Give them a name, and then every time you write anything to this person, then just think, think in you're in your brain, "I am writing for Bob, or Ben, or Buddy, or Martha, or whatever." Just in your head, just say, "What do they need to know in order to make a decision?" And then, write that stuff down.

All right, so that naming piece, naming your target market is one of the most powerful strategies that I know as a copywriter. If you aren't writing to someone, then you're writing to no one. I have written thousands of webinars, and sales letters, and probably tens of thousands of emails over the years, and I know that whenever I'm sitting down, no matter what client I am writing for, whether it's myself, whether it is one of our many ad management clients, or whatever, I know that when I sit down to write something for someone or for myself, then I need to write to a person.

So, years ago when I was selling a lot of local marketing courses and stuff, I wrote to this guy named Mike. So, Mike was a local business owner who was completely clueless when it came to the internet. He was running around, doing his day job, barking orders at his people, at his team. The head and primary salesperson, the president of the company, just kind of an idiot, but he was always the person that I wrote to. And it worked out really, really well, because I was able to relate to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people just like Mike. So, we sold a lot of product to people like Mike. You know what I mean?

Now, when I'm writing for myself, I have a different avatar. When I'm writing for clients, I have a different avatar. And I'm always writing to that one person. Because if I can talk to that one person, then I'm okay. Then I know that I've hit the nail on the head. I know that my copy is going to resonate with them, and they are going to be sucked in. They're going to put themselves in that place.

So, it's been one of the primary guiding copywriting strategies that I have put in place. I'm hoping it is for you too. If you want to learn about writing copy and building sales funnels for your business, click here.  On that page, you'll learn about one of our courses called Funnel Formula.  And there is an entire section on writing copy in there. There's also an entire section on what we call Content-Based Assets, which are the types of sales mediums and sales material that you need in order to successfully sell someone.

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