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[TRANSCRIPT] Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn. Today, we're going to get into eCommerce Email Marketing..  Namely, a quick tip for building eCommerce email lists.

One of the questions we get asked from our E-comm clients or E-commerce clients is how do you generate leads? Because E-commerce isn't necessarily ... I mean it's an E-commerce shopping cart. There are physical products. Those physical products are shipped. Oftentimes you don't need the email address at all until there's actually a sale being made. But the problem is is when you're first starting off, you want to build an email list.

So the email list helps, you know, with email marketing, shopping cart abandonment, and then helps, you know, you get more sales. So email marketing is quintessential in the process. So how do you generate that email list in your Shopify website or your Magento or your shopping cart without giving away the farm? So here are some ideas on generating leads that I actually ripped the snippet of a video out of our funnel formula course. So I hope you like it.

If you're going after like a traditional E-commerce play, meaning you are using a shopping cart like Shopify, then you're going to ... You should have a lead magnet so you're collecting leads, email leads. So then when you have a new product launch or you introduce a new category or whatever, you can email that list and now you have baked in customers. To do that, you're going to need to give them something for free. It might be a lead magnet, it might be a promo code, or a discount code, or an event, or access to a webinar recording or a funny video, or access to free products that you're testing.

There are all kinds of different ways to get that email address, but you want to make sure to get the email address somehow. So that is going to require having a lead magnet of some kind. It might not necessarily be written, it might literally be a promo code or it might be a sign up for our freebie list where we pick 10 people every month and send some of our sample products to, and then you can submit reviews. There are lots of very cool things that you can do.

All right. Wasn't that awesome? So if you are interested in learning about E-comm sales funnels and putting together upsell and down-sell sales funnels and all that other kind of crazy stuff, as well as building the foundation of your sales funnel, learning how to write copy, running traffic; click here to check out the Funnel Factor Masterclass.

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