Facebook Ads

Facebook is getting aggressive with the options it provides for you with Facebook Ads to reach out to more than 2.01+ billion active users logging in daily. With a high (and almost precise) level of targeting available, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences, Facebook’s targeting prowess is unmatchable.

As such, Facebook Ads aren’t as easy to run as it might seem at first glance. Although we must give credit to Facebook for trying to make it easier for advertisers to flourish on the network, it’s just in the nature of the beast that the more powerful it gets, the more complicated it’s going to be for advertisers to make good use of Facebook Ads.

As a business owner or a marketer, your only real goal with c is to inch towards a positive ROI. You want your ads to work. You want to pack in a punch.

Forget trying to waste time, money, and precious opportunities with needless split testing (when you don’t have to).

Here are a few tips to make that happen:

Facebook Ads

Give, don’t ask

There are way too many businesses out there just “asking” for the sale.

Asking people to part with their cash in the fleeting moment they see your ad is a huge ask. Yet, every business that we know of is doing just that.

Doing what doesn’t work really.

No one is about to buy from you. It’s not like they wake up every morning, credit card in hand, waiting to swipe.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd. Don’t make ads that say “Buy now”. Instead, give away something.

No offer. No ad

If you don’t have an irresistible offer to make, you shouldn’t even be creating an ad, launching a campaign, or building a sales funnel. Your customers have choices and for them to consider buying your products or services, you have to make an offer.

It’s for no reason that books like The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner are popular.

Download the book for free in PDF format, thanks to Hubspot.

The idea is to give stuff away (not ask), and then nurture your leads, grow trust, and then make sales on a continuous — and almost predictable — basis.

Use videos instead of images

Consider this: 57% of customers watch product videos while in store. Retailers report a 40% increase in sales because of video.

Plus, potential customers who view video ads are 1.81X more like to purchase than those who only check out text or text plus image combinations, according to Adobe.

Videos work like a charm. They pour life into your ads (and also into your potential customers’ newsfeeds). Plus, videos just convert (there’s no need to split test this, trust us).

Make ads more human

The problem with “corporate style” writing is that it’s too stiff. Companies convey messages (in ads or otherwise) with some sort of pseudo superiority complex. It almost feels as if they talk down to the customer.

Either that, or the ads lack any character, style, or attitude. No one likes to see an ad with nothing but a company logo on it.

Make your ads more human. Your copy should talk on a person-to-person level. Write your ads like you write to a friend.

Split test like you mean it

Don’t do split testing for the sake of doing it or because you always keep reading about it. You want to split test because you want to find your champions among ads, sales funnels, email copy, and more; not because you thought it’d be great to do it or just because you can.

Andrew Tate of AdEspresso has clear, succinct, and easy to follow advice:

  • Wait a few days before evaluating your results.
  • Wait to confirm your results until you have at least 95% statistical significance.
  • Stick to testing one variable at a time.

To make any decisions that mean something for your campaigns, play the “waiting” game. Ensure that you have enough data before you make any decisions about your ads, landing pages, or sales funnels.

How do your Facebook Ads (…or LinkedIn Ads or Google Ads) look like? Are you packing a punch in your ads? Get on a scheduled call with us if you’d like to take your paid advertising campaigns to the next level.