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TRANSCRIPT: Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn. Now there are a lot of different ways to create content for your videos and for your blog posts and for your courses and your offers and everything else. But the one that I'm about to share a clip of is one of the most potent that I know of. So before spoiling, and I'm just going to kick you right over to that clip, and then we're going to come back and talk about some of the ramifications, summarize it. So I'll see you in a minute.

What are some of the questions that you normally get asked? When you answer your email in the morning and a prospect emails you or emails in, what is something that they are interested in? Now I find a lot of inspiration in those kinds of questions because I am on calls with clients all the time. I'm on calls, sales calls, all the time. I'm meeting up with people all the time. And we also get a lot of support requests and stuff into the website and everything else. So a lot of times, like whenever I get asked a question, I think how can I create a piece of content that will live well past my answer? Or how can my team create a piece of content that will live past their answer so we don't just solve this problem right now, but we solve this problem for years and years to come. As long as we remember what the URL is, like where that video or that blog post or that PDF or whatever's located. So in fact, we actually have like little cheat sheets of links that all of us will use or send out because there was something that was created in the past that is still used to help somebody solve a problem.

So whenever somebody emails me a question that I haven't necessarily addressed in some sort of a video or anything, then I usually will address it that way. And then I'll send them a link. Works out pretty nicely that way. And it's content that lives forever. It gets ranked in the search engines and everything else, plus videos, pretty easy to do, stuff like this.

Alright, so questions by and large are one of the primary drivers of content in your business. And not just like free content, but like paid content. I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to get creators to survey their list and simply ask what they want to learn more from. In fact, one of my very, very, very first products ever, I spent a weekend. I put together this PDF. I gave this PDF away for free to a friend's membership site. And all of a sudden I got like 200 or 300 downloads. It was like two, yeah, it was like 250 or something. But I got quite a few opt-ins to my list. And it was the first major kind of digital marketing success I had that was purely digital marketing. There were reports or products or whatever. So it was a really, really big deal for me.
Well, that week, the week following all of those downloads, I turned around and surveyed the list and said, hey, thank you so much for downloading the report. Now answer these three questions for me. What did you like about the report? What didn't you like about the report, and then what would you like to learn more about?

So the first question, what did you like, basically showed me where I did a good job. The second question, what didn't you like, showed me where I could improve? And reading some of that, some of those was particularly difficult, but still, I needed to face those challenges and overcome them in order to become a better writer, a better content creator, a better product owner, a better business owner.

And then the third question, what do you want to see more of, was really kind of that foot in the door that said, hey, I'm not done creating yet. What else can I teach you? What else can I show you? And it's also a way of asking if I was to create this, would you buy it again? Do you know what I mean? So what ended up happening was I got 80 or 90 things that the questions that people wanted to, they wanted me to flush out for them. They wanted me to answer for them. So what I did was I went through and put the questions together in certain buckets. And then I created every question I recorded a video, kind of like this, but it was screen capture video, and video was still pretty new. I mean this was 12 years ago, or no, 10 years ago ish. So, but I ended up creating content for addressing each of those questions. And then I sold it as a course. And I gave access to this course. Well, I didn't give them access, but I gave them a 50% discount on this course for the first seven days because they helped me build it. Do you know what I mean? So that was my first big digital product win. And the only way that I would have gotten it is if I surveyed this list if I surveyed this audience.

So questions are your most powerful content creation tool. Get answers to questions. Create the content that those questions ask or that those prospects ask for. And then give it to them, sell it to them, and you will be on your way to selling a lot more coaching, consulting, digital products, whatever. But always ask the right questions, and you can create content for that.

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