I’ve got a tool for you today if you want to ‘get shit done.’


Without spoiling it, it’s kind of my new superpower app.

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Welcome to today’s GSD Daily. I got to tell you about this piece of software. I have been followed around by this piece of software on Facebook for a while now, and over the Christmas break, I decided to jump in. The name of this software is Motion or usemotion.com. Basically what it does is it combines a calendar and a task management tool and a scheduler all in one. And having Calendly and having to use ClickUp internally, having lots of different tools and functions and things, right? First of all, I live by my calendar as I’m sure you do. There are lots of people who are interacting with my calendar throughout the day, my team, folks who are scheduling calls, clients, partners, everybody. So my daily scheduling is oftentimes a shit show, and that makes it very difficult to knock out my tasks in between, to keep bigger projects moving forward.

So I decided to use Motion, this Motion app. And I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have to tell you, it was fuckin cool. When I find a piece of software that I like I stick with it for a long time. I’ve been using Ontraport for 9\10 years now just because it does exactly what I need it to do. There are other solutions out there, some other solutions might be better for some things, but all in all, Ontraport works nicely for me. So same with some of the other tools that I use. The same with Calendly, and we even had a scheduling app called Timeslots. So when another tool comes out that screws with my balance, I know it’s a little weird. So what I wanted to do is take you for a little tour inside Motion and show you how I’m using it and how I’ve got to use it over the last two or three weeks, and you can make up your mind one way or the other, but it’s cool stuff.

All right, so the onboarding process of Motion is nice, there are a lot of videos and stuff throughout the day, but basically, this is my calendar. I went through and I started with my calendar and I have some stuff, some blocks. So then I went through and I started setting up my tasks. Now I’m this sort of person who always has my functions that live outside of our project management tool, just because there’s stuff that I need to do that the rest of the team doesn’t care about, or it’s not that they don’t care about it, but it’s webinars, ad spend, whatever. So I generally keep my task list, and that has always come with taking notes like a Notepad app or Evernote. And I’ve tried a million different ones, a million different calendar apps, and none of them synced the way that I wanted them to.

With Motion when you add a task, you define how long it’s going to take and then what the priority level is, and then it slots it into the calendar for you. So here we can see that recording weekly live streams is a recurring task for me. And if we look at my calendar, which is here, you can see here we have recorded my weekly live streams on the 24th. So it slots it in every week. This week I’m recording them right now. And then for the rest of the tasks it goes through and plots them in. We have a webinar called Revenue on Demand so I’m slotting it into another promo sequence. And I just added the task over the weekend for myself so that I remembered it. It’s going to take about 30 minutes to do, so my calendar put it right here on Tuesday for me.

All of these other times here, I’m going to be able to throw in the scheduler. I have a couple of different scheduling things, so this is my link for normal booking link, and you’ll notice it looks a whole lot like Calendly. I’m just going to go and add it in, but these are my preferred times. My next availability is Tuesday, then Wednesday, and Thursday gives a couple of times for each. And all in all, it’s nice and easy, and then everything all comes together. I am very much a fan of Motion. Awesome piece of software comes with a mobile app too. What it does is it allows you to write your task down, it slots them into your calendar, and then everything else kind of jumps around. If you miss a task if you don’t mark something as done in the allotted time, let’s say you get caught up on a phone call or whatever, it bounces it to the next available time based on priority level.

It’s constantly pushing you to get things done. I have to say, I’m a very productive, very good get shit done kind of guy. In the last month since I’ve started using this, my calendar is much, much more thought out because I don’t have to think about it. It just drops tasks in where I need them to be. And if I’m not the one who needs to get it done, but it’s just a reminder, then it has a little thing, you don’t define a time but, so if it’s just a reminder, “Hey, remember to have somebody do something.” Then it will slot that in and just make sure you get it done too. So it’s a beautiful piece of software, I love it, usemotion.com. Let me pull it up in the feed here. Usemotion.com is the website. And like I said, it’s an awesome piece of software. Use it if you want a little bit more productivity from your day. If you have any questions at all, answer them in the chat below. And I will talk to you soon, all right? Thanks. Bye.