As a business owner, you know that your products and services solve a LOT of problems.  Some of those problems are the things you originally set out to fix, while others happen to be ancillary challenges that you fix along the way.

One of the biggest challenges that we business owners face is knowing why, exactly, people come to us.

Sure, it might be that we’ve created the coolest, most wiz-bang widget on the face of the planet or we’ve got a digital course that solves a burning challenge in their life…

But what if we have LOTS of products… Or LOTS of offers that might make sense to a prospect?  How do we quantify those people and make sure they get exactly what they need, when they need, digitally…

Sales guys will tell you that in-person meetings or phone conversations give you insight into what your prospect really wants…  But what if we had a way of doing the same thing digitally without being forced to be on the phone?

That, my friend, is where a quiz comes in…

You see, surveys and quizzes, when structured correctly, give you a window into the soul of your customers.  You can drill down into the exact thing they want or the exact challenge that they’re facing quickly, while being able to deliver a solution that’s customized for their needs.

Imagine this…

You have ONE products, but 6 different markets that your product serves.  There isn’t any way to promote the products without maintaining 6 different ad campaigns, all with unique targeting, inflating your ad budget exponentially.

To pull off a successful campaign, you need to know exactly who’s on a page, why they’re there, and what you can do to help them immediately.

It’s a challenge that we had with one of our software products, Scriptly, early on.  It’s a challenge a lot of our DFY clients face with they have lots of different products or lots of different customer avatars.

So, what we did was put together a survey asking them about their specific situation:

Question 1: How Big Is Your Email List?


This question is meant to be easy to answer.  It gets buy-in from the folks going through the quiz and gets them clicking.

Other examples are:

  • Are you male or female?
  • What age group do you fall into?
  • How big is your house?

Question 2: What Do You Want Your List To Do?


Here, we’re trying to get insight into their primary motivation for thinking Scriptly might be write for them.  Their answer also hints at their business model from a very high level and it’s data we can use to put them into marketing buckets.

Other examples might be:

  • How often do you work out?
  • When is the last time you've been on a date?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you regularly give to non-profit organizations in your community?

Question 3: What Do You Primarily Sell To Your Email List?


Here, we’re looking for their business model.  By understanding what they’re selling, we can connect them to the sequences and strategies inside Scriptly that will make the most sense for them.  This is all done through marketing automation of course, but simply knowing what they sell means we have more data we can use down the road.

Other questions might be:

  • What is your preferred type of workout?
  • What causes do you contribute to most regularly?
  • What types of movies do you watch?

Question 4: What’s Your #1 Challenge With Email Marketing?


This question is the one we’re building to.  It’s the most important one in the whole sequence.  By knowing exactly what’s challenging our prospect, we can try to help them answer it…  Not to mention, but asking the question, it frames them a little bit differently before they hit the sales material!

There’s lots of things you can do at this point.  You can have a sales page for each of the challenges…  You can create one sales page that address all of the challenges.  It’s up to you which way you want to go, but having individual sales pages is the best way we’ve seen to converting these prospects!

Here are some examples:

  • What's your biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining your weight?
  • What's your #1 roadblock as it relates to getting things done...
  • What's your #1 health challenge at the moment?

Then, let them tell you what it is!

The Results

This quiz was patterned after some of the best, socially shared quizzes on the planet.  Granted, I know it’s not the prettiest or the most elegant, but it gets results.  In fact, over 82% of people who hit the first question complete the quiz!  Compared to the industry average 13%, that’s an incredible bump!

Check it out:

… And it increased conversion by a whopping 42% on the sales page…  Just by asking the right questions!

Now, there’s lots you can do with this technology.

  • You can send people to different URL's based on their responses.
  • The data can be used in your email marketing software to trigger rules or action-based events.
  • You can use it for your sales reps on their sales calls
  • Or, you can simply let the data inform your next product release...

The choice is yours.  To start building a free Askly Survey, click here to sign up!