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Today, you're going to discover how to increase blog traffic no matter what niche or vertical you're writing in.

If you have an idea and transform it into a blog, that doesn't guarantee you success. It doesn't matter if the idea is unique and you're the first one to think about it. In the blogging world, there are some things you have to cross off your checklist to have a profitable and highly trafficked blog.

If the point of your blog is just to write stuff with no plan for the future, don't read any further, but if you want to get income from your blog and make it profitable, please go ahead and apply the following proven tips.

You may think it's easy to make a blog and start writing but that's not even half of your work if you plan to be seen as an experienced blogger with a valued opinion and a steady blogging income. This is a chapter from Blogging 101, containing tips for starting bloggers who want to achieve more and get rewards for their hard work.

6 Proven Tips On How To Increase Blog Traffic

You may see these tips as being easy to apply to your blogging strategy but you'd be amazed by how many people fail to even take them into consideration. Here's what new & trending bloggers should work on for a profitable blog.

1. To Increase Blog Traffic, Try To Be The Best In Your Niche.

More often than not, you'll start a blog for a hobby or for a niche you feel attracted to write about. In the other scenario you find a niche that can convert big time and you start a blog for the sole purpose of making money.

Either way, you have to do your research, learn and apply that to your blog posts. It may be easier for those who started blogging by following their passion but others shouldn't be too disheartened about this. People say you start an appetite by eating and I think the same thing can be said about writing. To some extent, you'll develop an appetite for writing as soon as you start doing it, even if it's not your hobby.

Being the best in a niche will help others see you as an expert in that field and they will recommend you to others.

2. Target Your Blog Posts To Your Readers.

Many new or trending bloggers will do the mistake of writing for SEO and not for their readers. My honest advice is to start writing for your readers and start building a community.

I'm not telling you to avoid SEO tactics for your blog, not at all. I'm just saying you should take a moment and analyze what are your readers' preferences and expectations. What are they interested in? What information are they asking for? Don't just write what you think it will be a good blog post.

If you want to have a profitable blog, make sure you pay attention to your readers and write for them.

3. How To Increase Blog Traffic? Make Your Content Easy To Read.

You may write great content but if people have trouble reading it, you can't make it convert to income. When you start your blog try to choose a reader-friendly template. You will need to use a simple contrast, avoid to fill your page with ads and improve typography by choosing a good font and a reasonable size for it.

Another great I found on profitable blogs is the way authors write their blog posts. If you want to make your content easy to read then use short sentences, use paragraphs and don't forget about headings, subheadings and bullet lists.

4. Spice Up Your Blog Posts.

When adding great content to your blog, make sure you also spice up your blog posts by adding compelling visuals. Videos, infographics, gifs are your content's salt and pepper. They make your visitors spend more time on your blog and interact with your content.

Using visuals in your blog posts can help you have a profitable blog by increasing the number of clicks you get on each post.

5. Make Your Content Sharable

Another thing you'll want to do on your blog is to optimize the blog posts for shareability. The way you create your blog posts and how you want to attract visitors is entirely up to you but if you want more, you should optimize how your posts look on social networks to make people more interested. There are several ways you can do this:

SEO information - Using a SEO plugin add compelling meta titles and descriptions for your blog posts. This is the text people will see when your content is shared on social networks.

Most WordPress SEO plugins will allow you to change how your post looks on Facebook or Twitter.

Featured image - Try to research and see what are the best image sizes for your targeted social networks. Add a relevant featured image that people find interesting enough to click on your links and share it with their friends.

6. Participate In The Conversation

The blogging process doesn't end when you press the Publish button. You have to do some other things to ensure that your blog becomes profitable. First of all, start by sharing your content on Social Networks and follow-up on the discussions.

Then you can move on to blogs who wrote posts on the same subject and leaving comments, trying to redirect people to your own content. If you get links to your article from other people on blogs or forums, use this to create your visitors base by participation in the discussion.