In today’s episode of GSDdaily 140, it is our five-minute guide rendition. We’re going to talk about split testing email copy. I’m going to show you how to set it up is to split test email copy inside of your campaigns or inside of your autoresponder sequences. It’s the best, most predictable way of doing it. Basically, you’re creating variations of a message, so variation one, variation two, variation three. Usually, we start by testing the subject line. Then after we find the winner, the winning subject line, we’ll test the body copy. After we find the winning body copy, we’ll test features and benefits and calls to action. That is the process for a split-testing email copy.

Split testing Email Copy

Why do we do it inside an automated campaign?

Well, because your sales funnels require a lot more than just pages and just sales copy and stuff. Email copy kind of glues it all together. So if somebody opts in for a webinar, then we want to engage them through email copy, like that kind of thing, so by maximizing, even getting, you know, a little bit of a percentage point on an email open, over the life cycle of a campaign, you’re going to generate way, way, way more revenue long term that way, so that’s why we do it.

How to do split testing email copy?

We’re inside Ontraport, which is where we’re going to set up this split test. Now the first step is to take an email message and clone it. This is a sequence that I use for the funnel factor report. Now you can see here that the first email has been sent 3,800 times, so 3,829 times. It doesn’t have a split test activated for it. So what we’re going to do is we are going to copy this email message or clone it, and then we’re going to change out the subject line of it. So, as I said, it’s always the first thing we test. The name of this message, we’re going to just change a little bit.


It’s going to email one, variation two so that we know it is a different variation. We’re going to save it, you know, just in case anything weird happens. We’re going to go to settings and we are going to change this subject line. The subject line we’re going to switch it out with is, “Thank you for downloading the funnel factor master guide.” Simple little subject change or simple little headline change, but you would be amazed at how much just a small little difference in an email subject line is going to drastically alter the copy or the open rate of that email because that’s really what drives the open rate is the subject line. Now, we saved the new variation. We’re going to go back to our main messages screen.

Here is the email variation one, and here’s variation two that we just added. We’re going to go to our campaign. I’m just going to refresh this campaign so it pulls that new message in, and then we are going to go to our first fulfillment email, the one that has been sent 3,829 times. We’re going to hit edit. Then this is the first email that we get. Now to split test it, we just hit this little thing right there, this little toggle, so that turns the split test on. This then becomes version A of the email. We’re going to add a version B. We’re going to search for that email message that we just created, funnel factor fulfillment, and it’s right there. Funnel factor fulfillment, email one version two. You can see there’s our new subject line. The same email, the same email that’s been sent out, but our subject line is different.

I have version A, which is your funnel factor master guide, and I have version B, which is, “Thank you for downloading the funnel factor master guide.” We’re going to very simply hit close, save. The split test is now done. Now, everyone who opts in for the funnel factor from here until the time that this split test is disabled, are going to go through one of two variations. They’re either going to get email one or email two and then I’m going to be able to see stats on what the open rate of each is, which means that I can optimize the email campaign.

Then I do that for every email that goes out. As I said, it’s a pain in the ass. It’s a lot of work, but it makes a lot of sense when you’re sending traffic directly into a couple of front end sales funnels, and you need to maximize the engagement of every single touch, all the emails, all the texts, all the landing pages, whatever.

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