Welcome to GSDdaily. It’s a Friday. This is episode 125, and in keeping with the new series that we are doing we have created on Monday, automate on Tuesday, scale on Wednesday, expand on Thursday, and Friday is a slash day. Don’t know. So we’re going to do interviews on Friday. We’re also going to be doing this series called five-minute guides. And it’s where I show you something cool, I show you something that will inform your business building journey in five minutes or less. So that’s a tall order and I know that some of my shit gets dense sometimes, so this is supposed to be just a nice, light five-minute podcast that walks through something cool. So today we’re going to talk about Google Trends.

Google Trends

Now, right now, with so many things going on in the world, there is such an upheaval in how things are trending. Some people get really, really into one thing, and then if you’re marketing to that person, if you’re marketing to that group of people and you’re not entering the conversation that’s already going on in their brain, you’re going to lose out because they’re focusing on something different. They’re not focusing where you want them to focus. So us as marketers, we need to know where the majority of our prospects are focusing, what they’re thinking about, and Google Trends is a good way of doing this.

Spot Trends in Any Market

Now, earlier in the year, when COVID first hit, everything was productive. Productivity was super, super … and then we wrote a couple of reports and stuff for clients on productivity, and then the numbers started falling. We ended up doing a little Google Trends analysis and it turned out that people didn’t care about productivity, they cared about clarity, because they were overwhelmed. So all of a sudden it started going back up.

People cared about clarity.

Few Examples:

Now, I have a couple of little examples up here. So first of all, just covering the homepage, on the homepage we have just some trending stuff, world cup, football, whatever. Then we have some recently trending topics. Now, none of this stuff, we care a whole lot about. I mean you might. Move on has 200,000 plus searches, but whatever.

1. Day Trading

Now, in terms of how this affects what you do, let’s say you’re offering something trading, whether it’s an info product, whether it’s a software, whether it’s whatever. So basically what I did was I went through and I searched day trading. And we can even do it here, so we can just start from scratch. So we’re going to look up day trading, we see that in the last 12 months, day trading went from it had moderate exposure, it was moderately interesting. People were into it. Now, check this out. March, COVID hits. All of a sudden day trading just goes … Now, we have ups and downs, and now June 7th to June 13th, it was at an all-time high in the last 12 months.

Results Prior Covid

Now, let’s back this out for even the past five years. Let’s see what this looks like. Holy shit. So we’re at 12, 16. It’s there about. It’s meh. Then all of a sudden, since COVID, it spikes something fierce. People are into day trading right now. My coach was even talking. He’s like, “Yeah, the taxi driver, the restaurant owner, they’re all talking about day trading at the moment, which means it’s time to get out.” Now, let’s look at something … let’s compare it to something. So let’s compare it to real estate investing. Just to play devil’s advocate, let’s see where it ranks. Now, real estate investing is a nice, even trend. Let’s look at swing trading. Okay, another pretty even trend, however, there’s a slight uptick here at the very, very end. Let’s zoom in to a year and see what this looks like. So we’re going past 12 months. All right, so we got a slight uptick right there, marginal maybe. There was another one right here too, and here, for swing trading. Now let’s look at investing, one of the Mac Daddy keyword phrases, the one that you would assume everybody’s looking at it.

So look at this. Investing is pretty solid the whole way. It has a small uptick, but it’s not a huge, great … It’s just kind of flat as compared to day trading, which we experienced this spike here. So what this means is that if you have something that can fit for day trading, then writing a day trading lead magnet or something day trading related would make a lot of sense.

2. Home Workouts

Here’s another one, working out. So working out has a pretty solid trend. It doesn’t go up and down. So let’s compare this with home-based workouts. Home-based workouts or home workouts. See what this does. All right, another spike. So here, you can guess this, but we have a workout, the general workout is flat, and then we have a spike in home workouts or home-based workouts. So if you were in the fitness space, then it probably makes a lot of sense to do home-based workouts.

3. Home School

And then, for the last example, we’ll have homeschool or virtual. And here, we see that we have a similar spike. So here homeschool spiked in March, and then it spiked again July, and it’s falling a little bit, whereas virtual school is continuing on an uptick. So the whole point of this little session is to show you where you can go get some research to glean some insight, macro-level insight, into your audience. And I hope it makes sense, I hope it’s something you can use in the future. Have a fantastic weekend, my five minutes is up, and I’ll talk to you soon, all right.

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