Keep in touch with your subscribers - Types of newsletter - Newsletter ideas

You know that email marketing is powerful. You are probably doing everything you can to build your own email marketing list. Maybe you even run Facebook ads or Google Ads to give a boost to your list building efforts.

You’ve heard that you’d get $43 for every $1 spent with email marketing.  What you may not know is that we have a Done For You Email Marketing service that can fix your lack of emailing and marketing automation pretty quickly…

But first, let’s continue:

You get zero ROI

That only holds good if your email subscribers actually “buy”.

But they won’t.

Not when you send an email at random. Not when you don’t care enough. Not when you don’t engage.

Most businesses worry about email marketing design, email authenticity, GDPR, list growth over periods of time, personalization, email marketing segmentation, and so much more.

How to fix it

Keep in touch with your subscribers - Types of newsletter - Newsletter ideas

Yet, they forget some of the simplest and the most important thing you’d ever have to do to make those subscribers like, trust, engage, and maybe buy from you.

Staying in touch.

Writing frequently enough.

Not letting the vote of confidence (the fact that they signed up) fade away into oblivion.

There’s no point fretting over email marketing design or email design testing across email clients when you aren’t even sending out enough emails in the first place.

You can’t sell (and hence worry about email marketing ROI) if your subscribers don’t engage with you enough.

Email marketing isn’t just a habit; it’s a culture. It’s a habit. It’s something that must be done well and for long enough.

Let’s go back to basics. Here are a few ways to stay in touch with your subscribers.

The journal email

It’s not going to be easy, but if you could create a “journal” type of an email that has nothing but pure content, the tip of the day, quotes, tips, insights, and information, you are seriously welcome into your subscribers’ email Inboxes.

As long as you aren’t overdoing selling within emails, information-rich or particularly helpful journal type emails are always welcome.

You might also want to include little things like “books we are reading”, “videos we are watching”, “Instagram stories we like”, or even the good old “thought for the day”.

See what The Mission does:

The Mission Email Example

The humble blog update

Nothing is more obvious that sending out a weekly or monthly special broadcast email with a list (or digest) of all or at least important blog posts for your subscribers to read. You digest could have links or buttons to a single blog post as PPCHero does it (below).


PPCHero Blog Updates

Or you could send a complete digest of all blog posts published last week.

The best part about sending out blog updates to your subscribers is that this particular email type can be completely automated by making use of RSS-to-Email feature available with most popular email service providers such as MailChimp, Drip, Constant Contact, and others.

Some businesses actually curate content from other sources to send out regular content to their subscribers too.

The product update email

Remember that every subscriber on your list signed up because:

  • You were just too charming and interesting to pass.
  • You gave away something valuable in exchange for your subscribers’ email address
  • Your business was featured in the Fortune 500 list almost every year since inception.
  • Your products are used by several thousand people.
  • Your content makes a difference to their lives.

More importantly: Your subscribers like you. They want to hear from you.

Why not? Give them morsels and bytes of information as you keep making changes to your products, services, or your business itself.

If you are working on new features, rolling out beta launches, or if you have any sort of an update, be sure to send out an email.

See how Evernote does it:

Evernote Email Example

The idea email

ThinkWithGoogle is a huge repository of ideas, insights, and research on digital marketing (and it’s not just about Google’s suite of products). With emails focusing on “thought for the week” and “insights to start your Monday”, Think With Google’s emails are a pleasure for marketing geeks, entrepreneurs, and to give you that little nudge for the rest of the week.

Pick up bite-sized insights or tips (preferably linking to an entire blog post or a free download) your business niche and send out a weekly email to your subscribers. They’ll thank you for it.

Here’s one of those several ThinkWithGoogle  email examples:


ThinkWithGoogle Email

The “whatdayathink” (a.k.a review) email

The best way to engage with a regular human is to “listen” to them when they speak. What do think is the best way to engage with thousands (or even millions) of subscribers, customers, and app users could be?

Use a single, “What do you think?” email or “Review” email. Now, your review email could take several forms depending on your business. For instance, it could be slightly different for a service business asking customers to leave feedback on Yelp or it could be a product-based survey.

Either way, it’s the best form an email that can actually spur an entire thread of conversation and feedback loop for years on end.

Here’s a good review email example from Uber:

Uber Email example

Of course, there are several other ways you could keep in touch with your customers by having them connect with you on social media, creating and managing entire communities for them, and maybe by launching real events where you could connect (in person).

The question still remains: Are you sending marketing emails at all?

If you need help with your digital marketing, paid campaigns (Facebook ads or Google Ads), or your sales funnels, feel free to schedule a call with our experts now.