Entrepreneurs tend to split their time in two main categories: work and personal. While work is self-explanatory, the personal time is more complex since it includes one or more of the following: family, personal development, relaxation, learning, etc.

The following article should take 5 or 10 minutes of your personal time but it will improve both areas of the entrepreneurial lifestyle since it’s designed for personal development while also improve your productivity by showing you the latest news and trends in marketing. We’re going to add one article (like this one) each week to a reading list – The Marketing Digest.

We’re doing this to help you improve your marketing skills and get a better understanding of trends and development in our field of work. Long story short, you won’t have to spend hours of your time to find the latest news in marketing, since we’ll do this for you and deliver them in an easy-to-read format with personal feedback.

How to Monetize your Blog?

If you’re using WordPress for your blog and don’t know how Yoast SEO plugin can help your blog, you should really search it in the plugin repository and head out to their blog at yoast.com. We recently found an article written by Marieke van de Rakt, the wife of Joost de Valk (Yoast founder).

She has points out the main problem bloggers face every day – writing a daily post won’t pay the bills and seeing how more and more bloggers start writing with the ultimate goal of making a living out of it, knowing how to monetize their blogs should be part of their daily activities.

Marieke delivers an interesting approach to monetize a blog by encouraging bloggers to:

It’s a light read for those who want to know more about how to monetize their blogs and are searching for effective ways to do so.

Why most Newsletters Fail?

We’re going to shift our attention from blogging to email marketing and try to see why most newsletters fail. The article is written by Jimmy Daly from GetVero.com. We really like the natural tone Jimmy is using to write, delivering important facts and study cases in and easy-to-read manner.

He points out that the biggest problem with newsletters is that they don’t start at the beginning. If you have a marketing blog or other site providing users with valuable information on a regular basis, you should provide some context for new subscribers.

One way to do this is to provide a step-by-step campaign for new subscribers. This provides them with valuable information, it welcomes them to the website and displays important information they should know at all times. To make it even more friendlier, you can add a custom post from your blog, allowing your readers to know more about you and your project.

If you’re just going to start sending them regular newsletters, you’ll lose them all and those who remain won’t really pay any attention to what you have to say.

The Deadpool Movie Marketing is Out of Control

We chose this article not just because we really want to see the movie but also because we can learn something from their team when it comes to marketing tactics.

What are they doing? They’re making custom content for almost all platforms: TV, radio, online advertising, Social Media, billboards etc. They’re also doing their best to have that content delivered to all types of people focusing on their hobbies and passions.

You’ll find Deadpool on meme websites, on Facebook and recently on music TV channels like MTV, VH1 and Spike. These TV stations will run custom ads for no more and no less than 3 hours. The networks have changed their schedules so the “right shows” are targeted. This means that every TV show will have a custom ad.

How to Maximize the effectiveness of online display advertising?

If you work in marketing, you know that some ads perform better than others. This is also the case for online advertising, where you need to apply certain tactics so your ads are seen by the users.

Mediative.com worked on 2 eye-tracking studies and released their findings. They studied customer behaviour with online display ads and especially how to increase viewability, engagement and drive purchase behaviour.

On their blog post, they published a detailed infographic with all the data so we encourage you to go their website and see the impact of top page ads, side page ads, etc.

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