The average website only converts at a little more than 2%, and that’s a shame considering just how much effort, resources, time, and investments are made just to get relevant people to visit your website.

Most visitors who reach your website, your landing pages, or your funnels don’t take any action. They come in and then they leave.

That hurts.

You might get 2% conversions (on average), but you need more. You’ll want a part of the other 98% and retargeting is the way to get there. It’s a remarkable way for you to reach out to all those visitors who’ve left your site without doing anything.

But wait… Does retargeting really work or is it a fantasy?

The average click through rate of a regular display banner ad is a little shy of 0.07%. Meanwhile, the average click through rate of a retargeting banner ad is 0.7%.

According to, retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on your ad (and take action) compared to brand new visitors to your website.

Compared to all other digital marketing strategies available, it’s retargeting that gives an average brand lift of over 1046%, according to ComScore.


But wait… Here are a few basic steps you should take before you launch your retargeting campaigns:

Sweeten your original offer

Chances are that you have a regular funnel built to convert fresh, incoming traffic into customers. Your regular funnel is usually your first attempt to get new prospects to sign up as leads or to make sales. It’s likely that you already have an offer to get people to sign up.

But that’s not the offer you’ll make when you do retargeting. You’ll have to consider sweetening the deal a bit.

For instance, let’s say your original offer was X, you’d have to give X + Y away this time around.

Here are a few examples:

Original offer: Get 20% Discount
Retargeting Offer: Get Exclusive 30% Discount

Original Offer: Download eBook
Retargeting Offer: Get the eBook + One-to-one Coaching Call

Original Offer: Get a Free Trial
Retargeting Offer: Get Free Trial + Exclusive White Glove Migration

See what we are doing here? We are enticing visitors who already saw your original offer with an even better deal.

Build dedicated landing pages for retargeting

Most businesses and marketers point their retargeting ads to their original, main campaign funnels.

Big mistake.

You don’t want to send your retargeted traffic to the same funnels and landing pages since there’s no point in doing so. They’ve already seen your offer.

Build dedicated landing pages and funnels specifically designed for your retargeting campaigns in line with the retargeting special offers you are making (as above).

Use countdown timers

One of the reasons why most offers don’t convert (whether they are main campaigns or retargeting campaigns) is because there’s no pressure for your visitors to act. They normally think that the offer you are making is going to be around for awhile so they can come back to it later.

An easy way to apply slight pressure on them to take immediate action is to use a countdown timer for your offer, stating that the offer will end soon (with a countdown timer showing just how much time there’s left before the offer ends).

Countdown timers are known to boost your conversion rates by at least 3 times, as this experiment by ConversionXL proves, thanks to Graham Charlton of SalesCycle.Countdown timers

Duplicate email sequences and tweak

You would already have an email sequence (or a set of autoresponders) that triggers for every lead signing up for your original offer.

Take that autoresponder sequence, and tweak it a little (at least the first few messages to acknowledge the new offers you make with your retargeting campaigns).

Since you have a new offer that you’d be making on your retargeting campaigns, allow the first few email messages (like the welcome email) to reflect the exact offer you made for an overall consistent experience for your prospects or leads.

Test your retargeting funnels

You never know what works and what doesn’t until you start testing your funnel elements. Without A/B testing, you don’t have a way of know winghat works and what doesn’t. Just like you’d normally test your main campaign funnels, you’d have to deploy separate A/B testing workflows for your retargeting funnels too.

You can test out the offers you are making, the ads, the landing pages, the email subject lines, and more.

Yes, it’s another line of testing for an entire funnel (and your work only multiplies) but it’s worth it.

That’s how you launch retargeting campaigns, and yes, they mean more work.

Nothing worth pursuing comes easy, now, does it?


Ash is an end-to-end digital marketer and an entrepreneur. He runs fetchprofits a full-service digital marketing agency, funnelserve -- a destination to purchase Unbounce Landing pages, and also blogs at groovywebtools. When he isn't inundated with marketing, he travels around the world wherever his heart takes him.