Today’s GSDdaily is episode 138. It is the scale edition. This week, we’re talking about email marketing. Yesterday we basically talked about just from an email marketing standpoint, we talked about creating an email, and how to automate email and set it up into triggers, and do certain things with certain types of avatars.

So yesterday, I had a call with a client and we were talking about their email marketing. They have about 5,000 people on their email list and it’s all warm. It’s people who know the prospects, the email list and know what they do. And then there were about 10 thousand additional people who were cold. And the list was … they hadn’t been emailed before, it was a purchase list or a rented or borrowed list or something. Not something awesome just from a spam standpoint. For most of our clients, we end up doing opt-in. So we run traffic to a landing page, the landing page then produces opt-ins, opt-ins then get email communication from us or our clients.

Sending more email

In a typical sales funnel, all of the emails that go out are automated. So it’s all pre-planned, we know exactly what they’re getting and why they’re getting it. We move them from sequence to sequence. So the first usually 30 days are planned for. We talked about this on Monday. After they move through those sequences though, what happens? So if you don’t address it, then those prospects, they’re just not going to hear from you. They’re not going to get an email from you, they’re going to forget about you, and they’re just not going to do business because they forgot about you.

The most successful clients that we have just, in general, are the ones who email more frequently. Tthey email upwards of three or four times a week every week. So they have just either a dedicated person who is emailing them, or we are busy writing content and emailing them, emailing their prospects weekly. And it cannot only be product promotions. It can’t only be, “Buy my shit.” It has to be content, it has to be videos, it has to be live streams, it has to be blog posts or Facebook links to a podcast, it has to be something that is beneficial and builds value in your prospect’s life.

It doesn’t have to be five new pieces of content, or three new pieces of content every week. One podcast might be three emails. You might send three emails out and say, “Hey, make sure you sign up for this,” or, “Make sure to watch this podcast,” or, “Make sure to jump onto this live call.” And then you send another email that, “Hey, here’s the link to the recording of that call,” or the recording of the video. So there’s a lot of different ways to mix different types of content up so that you’re able to use it as reasons or justifications to reach out to your email list and always be top of mind.

Different Ways of Sending Emails

Different Ways of Sending Email

So the best clients we have, they’re sending broadcast emails three times a week. And they’re always coming up with different ways to reach back out to them.

  • Monthly promotions
  • Webinar
  • Free Coaching (kind of like lunch and learn coaching session)
  • Random Zoom Meet-up
  • Live Streams

They’re always trying to add value and create so that they have a reason to broadcast a list. If you’re only waiting for the automated sequences to fire, if you’re only setting up automated sequences and that’s it, then there’s a big, big, big chunk of your list who is forgetting about you right now.

Everybody on your list needs to be addressed in some way. And if they haven’t done anything for 30 days or more … not 30 days, if they haven’t done anything in 90 days or more, then they should be unsubscribed from your list because it’s killing your sender score, your overall open rates and click-through rates are being negatively affected because you’re not doing email management as well as you should be. So just some scale tips in terms of email marketing.

Now, one thing to think about, in the hotel, there’s the adage that a hotel owner would rather rent a hotel room for half price than let it go unused for a night. And there is a certain segment of people who feel that way about their email list, they would rather send an email every single day because they’re putting that many more offers out in front of somebody or that much more content. Every day is a little bit much, but every list is different. So sometimes you’re going to find that if you mail every day, then your unsubscribe rate is going to be next to zero because you’re providing value every day. But sometimes the more frequently you mail, the more unsubscribes or spam complaints you get.

Timetable for Sending Emails

So it’s just one of those things you have to kind of watch and be mindful of. We used to mail every day. Now we try to mail three or four times a week. Every day is a little bit much on the weekends and stuff. It’s also, from a management standpoint, it’s a pain in the ass to write seven emails a week. So three tends to be very nice, very bite-sized. It allows people to open at their leisure and read as opposed to just stacking up a bunch of emails that may go unread.

So tips for today, just literally mail more. If you have a list, mail them at least three times a week. Figure out what they like, what they don’t like, and put some sort of content calendar in place.

For Questions and Guide

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