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When you're a coach or product creator, it's so important to know exactly how to sell yourself to clients - especially when you're on a strategy session sales call or doing automated webinars!

Here are 5 Tips On How To Sell Yourself To Clients whether you're in front of a bunch of prospects or an old client who you've worked with in the past...

Count on your experiences

The reason you are in front of the client in the first place is because you know something they don't.  Make sure that they feel that in how you sound and how you act.

Don't be cocky.  Just be sure of yourself.

Dress the part

Make sure you are dressing for the person you are meeting with.  Have an idea of their dress code or what they will most likely be wearing.  Some million dollar firms are jeans and T-shirt sorts of companies.  Others are shirt and tie.  Don't be caught underdressed but don't get too carried away in a suit and tie.

Follow up after the meeting

Make sure you get a business card or find someway to contact them.  Within 24 hours, send them a quick 'Hi, it was nice meeting you today.  I would love to help you out with X.'

99% of people don't do this.

Speak in terms they will understand

Don't get jargon'y on them.  Use clear and concise language.  Show them you know your stuff, but don't confuse them.  Most of the time they are looking for an end result, not the process.

Come prepared

Put something down on paper about what your meeting concerns.  Oftentimes, this might just be an outline of what you are proposing to them.  It doesn't have to be anything concrete; but more like 'talking points.'

If you can get the other party talking about you taking the project, it will most likely happen.  It's a bit like a salesperson letting you test drive a car.  If you get behind the wheel, chances are you'll be driving it home!

Most importantly, make an impression.  Give them enough information that they'll want to work with you - but don't let them see all the answers.  Sometimes that's easier said than done, but practice makes perfect!