Welcome to today’s episode of GSD Daily. This is episode 154 and the Expand series. Today, we’re going to talk about basically expanding your influence through other methods. Particularly through printed material. It might sound a little weird, but let me dive into this a little bit.

We are absolutely in a digital culture right now. People are buying digital PDFs. People are downloading digital stuff. That’s all there is to it. And as with any great kind of revolution or change that the old thing remains equally, if not more, viable. And here’s what I mean. Since the pandemic started and there was a run in book manufacturing, back in March or April … I read a lot. Back in March and April, there was just a holdout on books because books weren’t essential.

Reading a book

Basically, I would order three or four books a month, and all of a sudden the delivery date was pushed out four or five weeks because they were prioritizing food and all that other kind of stuff. What ended up happening was there was this mass migration to digital stuff, including myself. I mean, I love physical books. I’m 50/50 digital versus paperback now, which I never thought I would have been there. Do you know?

The fact is like selling PDF reports, selling PDF books on your website is a very profitable, very viable strategy right now. However, it’s important to package your stuff in a way that people want to consume it. Here’s a cool project. If you remember about a month and a half ago, we released our legendary playbook, the Automated Webinar Playbook that walked through how to put together automated recurring webinars for you to get clients. But now through a couple of weird iterations back and forth just because the formatting didn’t work out right, we actually had them printed.

Automated Webinar Playbook

This is a 54-page workbook that is full color. It’s up on Amazon for 10 bucks. But basically, the inspiration behind this playbook was we wanted something that was equal parts training and how to, journal, and checklists. You can actually go through this thing and put it together for yourself if you want, or you can write notes in the margins and go through checklists and everything else to actually … so you can hand them off to us and say, “Hey, go build this.”

So, this is kind of how it turned out. If you look, very, very small. 54 pages. It’s 8.5 by 11 on just a flat cover, but it’s full color on the inside. You can see that. That’s pretty cool, right? Full color on the inside. And here, right here, we have a little notes section. A little notes section there, and then there’s a little checkbox. Your webinar tools, checklist, microphone, camera, lighting, webinar software, email marketing software. This actually goes through and puts together our strategy for putting the whole thing. There’s the funnel right there.

All in all, this little thing. So damn excited about it because we’re going to end up having a bunch of these playbooks for a lot of different scenarios. This is really the first one, and it worked out so well and it looks so awesome from a printed standpoint. Now, where to print it? That’s always the question. I don’t ever print on a publisher printing house. Where to publish a workbook though? We just publish a workbook right through Amazon.

If you go to kdp.amazon.com, it used to be where your Kindle books were published. You would upload your PDF, upload your EPUB file to Amazon, and then they would approve it and publish a workbook on Kindle. Well, a bunch of years ago, Amazon bought CreateSpace. It doesn’t look like CreateSpace is even up anymore. I tried to type it in to show you. But basically, CreateSpace was the on-demand, physical product company. For my first book, Phoenix Formula, they actually put it together, formatted it, did the cover, the whole thing. It was like $1,000 or something. And then they actually put it all together.

Kindle Create Software

But since it is 100% self-service. They have the Kindle Create software that you download on your computer, and then you can put together a book. But you upload it into kdpamazon.com, and then you go through the form factors. You pick your signs, you pick a full color, you pick glossy or matte covers. That’s a matte cover. It’s 8.5 by 11, and when you design it. There’s a print preview and everything. Go through a little approval, and then you can order bulk cost books.

I ordered five of these things just to get some video and maybe do a little giveaway. I got five of them. They were each like $5 a cost, and they’re being sold on Amazon for $10 each. But this is a very, very, very cool way of being able to give your clients something or send your clients something in the mail. If you have a high ticket product, high ticket service, or whatever, you can just literally mail this thing up and say, “Here you go.” It comes in a big ass envelope. It would be so cool to have it delivered to somebody with who you just got off the phone.

That’s what I got for today. It’s a way to expand your knowledge. Way to expand … it just generates more trust, generates more awareness, more likeability from your prospect to publish a workbook so that you can ultimately sell them something else.

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Thank you so much for tuning in today. If you have any questions at all, go to doneforyou.com and you just click the little button. Somebody will be with you.

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