It’s been a bit. GSD Daily was needed through the pandemic, teaching Internet marketing strategies and digital marketing when folks needed it the most. As we get geared up to start it again, I realize that this next season will be a bit different.

We’ve had the chance to work with hundreds upon hundreds of clients since GSD Daily originally started. Some have scaled huge and hired lots of people. Some have exited for big piles of money. Some have hit the mainstream, appearing on or in their TV shows. And some were flaming dumpster fires.

So now, we’re going to fire up the next evolution of GSD Daily. The scope is bigger. We’ll still talk about Internet marketing because everything we do is rooted there, BUT we’ll cover so much more. Acquisitions. Exits. Investments. Real estate. Lead Generation. Franchises. Physical products. Digital products.

We’re in a lot of markets doing a lot of stuff now – and I want to take you along for the ride…
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