The first time you set up your email autoresponder, it can be a pretty daunting challenge… How many emails do I schedule? How do I send them out? What do I mail my subscribers?

What typically happens is you write a few emails, set up your landing page, and tell yourself that you’ll be back in a few days to keep writing.  Will you, though?

Probably not.

Where Most Marketers Stop

Most people set up between 4 to 7 autoresponder messages and they call it good.

Those autoresponders might have a point – they might have a theme – but oftentimes…  They don’t.  They don’t let your prospects explore you or your business.  They don’t let your leads ‘discover’ your offers.  They simply direct them throughout the site a little bit and then let them go on their way.

Now, I’ve been working online for 11 years now.  Admittedly, it took me almost 6 of those years to grasp this concept.  As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20.”  If I only knew then what I know now my path might not have been nearly as rocky.

2 Months, On Average

You see, Scriptly has 72 days worth of email already loaded up for prospects.  Curately has 46 days.  TimeSlots has 60 days.  Depending on where someone comes into our process, we don’t need to think about what they’re receiving from us for almost 2 months.

What they work through is a structured process, filled with lead magnets, blog content, sales pages, automated webinars; and everything in between.

It’s a brilliant process and it assumes nothing.  Sometimes, new members will join on Day 1.  Other times, they’ll join on Day 48.  More often than not though, they’ll join AFTER Day 7.  That means, if we stopped at 6 days of email – we’d be out a ton of sales!

These are just the numbers we see for our SAAS platforms.

Your Offers

Your offers might be different.  You might get Day 0 conversions from paid traffic.  You might see Day 60 conversions.  Or, you might not see conversions at all.

The point of building an email list is to leverage your ad spend in a way that grows your business over the long term.  You’re not dumping money into direct-link ads without building an asset…  That asset being your email list.

When you want to launch something new?  Write a few emails and click send.

When you need to get some ideas about your next offer?  Write a few emails and click send.

Realistically, your email autoresponder should be doing those things for you.  That’s what today’s video is all about :0)

What To Do Next

If you’d like help writing your email copy, make sure you check out Scriptly’s Autoresponder Engine.  There are 28+ complete autoresponder campaigns already loaded up for you there, and you can start for free!

If you’d rather set up a Strategy Session to talk through the implementation and execution of your marketing campaigns, click here :0)