One of the biggest problems that companies around the country or in any town have is that their customers and their clients just forget about them.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of keeping people engaged. Its keeping people know you, keeping people buying your products, consuming your videos, reading your content.

What a lot of companies don’t understand is that they think that just emailing their list once a week, once a month is enough. You really have to treat your email lists like unused hotel rooms. Every day that goes by that somebody doesn’t hear from you is a day that they go a little colder. They forget about you a little more. That’s a problem when you own a business and do not have email marketing ideas.

Send email 3-4x a week

One of the things that we do for our clients is we will actually email their list three or four times a week for them. Letting them know what new products are out there. Our new promotions and what they need to know about the company. In order to maybe bond with them a little bit better. In that way, our prospect never goes cold. Nobody ever forgets about you because they’re getting emails about you on a very, very regular basis.

Whether you’re a local pizza shop that wants to send out discount codes through your email. Or wants to maybe do a limited run of a new pizza or a new dish, then the email works really well for that. The Bean was not only selling all the coffee that you could want but also roasts the beans and sells them by the bag. You can send out emails promoting any of those offers. These fucking incredible live streams every Wednesday at five o’clock showcase the products that they sell in their store and also online.

Sending emails out, getting them fired up about the live streams, getting them fired up about those clips, all incredible strategies to engage with your prospects and customers even more deeply with emails.

As you can see your customers already love you. Your prospects are getting to know you. You need to be talking to them way more often than you are. Email your list at least three times a week and send out one major promotion every month. Do these things, and pull them into your story so that they don’t forget about you.

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