Add-Male-UserGetting leads to sign up for your email list is pretty straightforward.  You put together a lead magnet… Set up a landing page…  And drive whatever traffic you can to that lander.  What we haven’t talked about much are confirmation pages which play an even bigger role.

Where do they go after they opt-in though?

What do your prospects do immediately after they sign up on your list?

Well, my friends…  Immediately after your folks sign up on your list, you should be making them an offer.  And that offer is presented on the confirmation page.

Your new lead, the lead that you worked tirelessly to get, is never more engaged with you than they are immediately after downloading your lead magnet.


If you miss the opportunity to pitch them something, it’s going to be the last time that you’ll be seeing a lot of those folks.

Think about this.  Open rates for the first week after someone signs up for your list are typically 40% to 55% – give or take depending on the market or niche.  That means, roughly HALF of your new leads sign up for your lead magnet and never open any more emails from you.

So, if you’re paying for traffic, you can legitimately wipe 5 out of every 10 leads away…  You got their email address, but you won’t be getting anything else.

Some of them might unsubscribe.  Some might report you as spam. The rest will be disengaged and will end up unsubscribing from your list over time.  We’ve got an entire list of things that you should never do when you’re marketing through email

The remaining half, the engaged, active part of your new list…  They’ll open your emails, click your links, and they’ll buy eventually; but that doesn’t do anything for the ad budget that you just spent to get them!

So today, what I want to talk about is making an offer on the Thank You Page, the Confirmation Page, of your list building campaign.  (NOTE: I call these ‘Thank You Funnels’ for future reference!)

Here’s how to do it:

Your confirmation page is the 2nd most important page on your site (following your landing page, of course).

Here, I’m going to show you how to make an offer on your confirmation page that moves a new prospect over into being a fully-fledged buyer pretty quickly…  That way, you can turn that new revenue back into ad spend so you can keep scaling your campaign.

And just so you know, this is preferably done with a video sales letter (VSL), but it can be accomplished in a text-based sales letter too.

Step 1: Thank Your Prospect On The Confirmation Page

The first thing you want to do is thank your new prospect for taking the time to download your lead magnet.

This is easy enough to do with a headline or the opening of the video being:

Thank you so much for downloading (insert Lead Magnet here).

You can even do it in a news bar across the top of the page.

Just make sure there is a confirmation on the page or in the video somewhere where you’re expressing your gratitude for this person opting into your email list.

Step 2: Confirm Arrival Times

Next, you want to tell your prospect what to expect by way of arrival…

Are they downloading the lead magnet from the page they’re on?  Are they going to receive it in their email?  What I generally do is send it as a link through email, and I tell them when to expect it:

Your download link will be in your inbox in 5 to 10 minutes!

Most autoresponders will send your first email instantly, but sometimes it’ll take a few minutes to get to your prospect.  A lot of that depends on network congestion, times of the day, etc.

Ideally, you want your prospect to watch your video or read your entire Confirmation Page before they go check their email though.  Telling them that it’ll be ready in a few minutes serves two purposes – it keeps them there for a few minutes and it gives your email platform a chance to send that first email.

Step 3: Position And Pivot

This step, Position And Pivot is the most important when it comes to your Confirmation Page working or not.

When you put yourself in your prospects shoes, they’ve just downloaded a report that they hope will help them solve a problem or do something better…  They haven’t seen it yet though.

So, it’s important to position the video that they’re watching as a way of achieving their desired result faster!

You can do this by using simple language like:

Now that you’ve downloaded the 100 Most-Opened Subject Lines Report, you’ve got a proven set of plug and play phrases that’ll get you better open rates in your emails…

When you watch this video until the end, you’ll also be able to access the email autoresponder sequences that’ll get your list buying your products and services!

Another way of doing this is by posing a question:

The first question I guess asked by people who download the Lines Report is how to write the body of the email copy…  What to put where…

And when you watch this video until the end, you’ll know what the best way of writing copy is…  In fact, by the time you finish this video, you’ll know all about a piece of software that’ll write your email autoresponders for you!

In this example, the pitch, would be Scriptly’s Autoresponder Engine, but we’re not there yet…

First, we need to deliver some content.

Step 4: Deliver Content & Value

Before we can make the pitch on the confirmation page, we have to deliver some content and value.  This is where your “Video Sales Letter” turns into a full on sales pitch.

The normal story arc in a sales pitch is this:

  • Establish that there is a problem
  • Introduce yourself (and how you were faced with said problem)
  • Relate the problem to yourself in 'story form.'
  • Describe your journey in solving the problem for yourself
  • Introduce the product or service that contains the soluion (with full-on features and benefits)

Now, I realize that your product or service might not lend itself to this sort of a sales scenario.  If you’re selling software, you might want to put a demo video here.  If you’re selling a video course or a membership, it might be beneficial to dig right into the benefits of what you’re selling.

It’ll take some creativity and split-testing to pull this off, but it’ll be well worth your time.  We can take a look at doing it for you here too.

NOTE:  Inside Scriptly, there's a Video Sales Letter Builder that'd be perfecting for writing your Confirmation Page Sales Videos quickly...  Usually in 20 minutes or less!

Step 5: Make The Pitch

Now that we’ve positioned our video and pivoted away from the lead magnet, it’s time to ask for the sale.

Ideally, pricing for this Confirmation Page offer is below $50, and serves as the first product that your prospects can buy from you.  If they go through the order process, they’ll they hit a few one-click upsells ranging from $50 to $300.

Depending on your market, products below $10 work very well for the first offer.  These markets include business, marketing, survival, dating and health.  This is also known as a “Tripwire.”

In some markets though, you want to be closer to the $50 range.  Examples for the higher tier pricing include investment information and photography.

In the photography market, your buyers are used to spending $1000 for a camera, $200 for a tripod, $40 for text book style education… So, the higher end pricing is justified.

In other markets where there is information everywhere, in every form (like business), you’ll need to stay below $10 for your front end sale.

At the end of the day, you want to turn your leads into revenue as quickly as possible, and this Thank You Funnel does that.  It turns your most engaged prospects into customers, and marches them through an upsell funnel without betraying them or shoving products down their throat.

That way, you can take your newly generated revenue and drive more traffic with it!

Inside Scriptly, there are autoresponder sequences that’ll help automate the backend of this process for you as well, with the Product Sales Sequence and the Ascension Sequence being the ones you’ll use :0)

The Product Sales Sequence is the set of emails that you send out following the download link…  And the Ascension Sequence are the emails that you queue up for anyone who buys your front end product!

If you’d like to take a look at getting this kind of sales funnel built for you, schedule a call with us and we’ll take a look at it!