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TRANSCRIPT:  Hey, what's up is Jason, in today's video, we're going to talk about well, we're going to talk about sales funnels, but we're going to talk about copy. Here's the thing about sales funnels is everybody thinks that you need a sales funnel. Well, everybody knows you need a sales funnel at this point. Four or five years ago, sales funnels where this new thing, this new concept, that people were trying to understand to break into this digital marketing space. Now, sales funnels are relatively easily understood. There are pieces of software out there that makes building a sales funnel as easy as possible. You just line up your pages and boom, boom, boom, boom, and you have a sales funnel. The thing about that is, the sales funnel itself, the page structure, the page layout, the pages, they don't actually do the selling at all.

Yes, there are psychological things, sales psychological things that you do, like headlines and body copy and sales videos and VSLs and order forms and orange buttons or green buttons or split testing buttons. There are all these little psychological things that happen, but none of it actually matters until you get copy on the page, copy that is uniquely written to position your product to your prospect, to your end-user, and getting them to buy into it. Getting them to the point where you have their attention, where you have their interest, where you've piqued their desire and they are willing to take action with you. That is what sales copy does. You can have the worst sales funnel in the entire world, but if you have the copy right, you're going to make money. But if you don't have a copy right, you might have the best-architected sales funnel in the world, but if you don't have the copyright, it's not going to work because you're not selling the right person, you're not selling your service, selling your product.

That is the issue. This why sales funnels don't exist without copy and why every sales funnel has sales videos, has webinars, has email copy, has email automation, all of those things. This is a small little clip that we pulled out of funnel formula to give you a little bit of a peek behind the scenes of the sales copy piece and the importance in sales funnels. Everything in the sales funnel comes down to the copy.

There are so many sales funnel building programs and page building programs and stuff that make building sales funnels easy. But at the end of the day, if you cannot write copy, if you can't write sales copy or video sales letters or long-form sales letters or webinars or email copy, if you cannot write copy, then you cannot sell because everything requires a sales script, to some degree. Now you can do a video, a full-motion video of you selling, but at the end of the day, you still need the email copy. You still need the features and benefits written out. You still need all of that stuff in order to actually sell your thing. So all of that is copy.

All right, so after that clip, we go through and we talk all about sales funnels. We talk about content-based assets. We talk about writing, copy, writing excruciating... We go through each of the components of a sales video. We go through all of the webinars, the slide by slide, by slide, what needs to go on the slides. That's all in Funnel Formula.

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