Welcome to today’s episode of GSDdaily episode 136. We’re going to talk about email marketing this entire week that builds your brand. So, the thing that I want to talk to you today about is the five types of email sequences that builds your brand and sell online. This is going to be a really quick session. We’re going to unpack it throughout the rest of the week.

Brands You Build

Five Types of Email Sequence

1. Creating Email Copies

Whenever we build a sales funnel, whenever we start anything, one of the first things we write is always the email copies, the first thing is we create. We always plan for the first 30 days worth of email copy that gets sent to our prospects.

If somebody signs up for a lead magnet, then we can plan on 30 days worth of email copy going out to them. We always take into consideration what pieces of the funnel are going to be active for them that builds your brand. So if somebody does nothing, then they pretty much go through a 30-day sequence. If they do everything, then the sequence is shortened, including buying whatever. Then the sequence is shortened to three or four days because they’re just bouncing through it quickly. Then they immediately get dumped into a fulfillment sequence.

2. Fulfillment or Promo Sequence

Now, the sequences that you need in order to pull off that automated marketing, branding situation that builds your brand where email is constantly being pushed out to your prospect, and then they’re converting into your offers. You need a fulfillment sequence. So, there’s always a thing that they download, or that they get access to. When they sign up when they give you their email address. It might be a lead magnet, a discount code, or a quiz. It might be something, PDF, whatever, so they’re always signing up for something. So, you need an email to fulfill that something. Then you usually send them email sequence number two. Email sequence number two is typically a promo sequence. So, when you’re driving paid traffic, you want to convert them back into a sale very, very quickly. That promo sequence is a VSL promo sequence. It’s a webinar promo sequence. It’s something to bring them back in and get them to buy something. So, we’re sending them emails to click on, they click on the link and then they go check out a sales page.

3. Ascension or Replay Sequence

Then email sequence number three is the replay or ascension sequence. So, after they get that promo sequence, then oftentimes, if they sign up for a webinar, they’re going to get the webinar replay sequence. If they buy the low-end ebook, they’re going to get the ascension sequence. So, what we’re doing is we’re trying to, A, remind them of the thing they just consumed. The thing they just consumed in the webinar, or it’s the ebook they downloaded, or the video course that they bought, or whatever. And then we’re trying to get them to take action on the next thing that builds your brand.

The next thing might be another product, a service, or a call with your sales team, whatever. So, the ascension or replay sequence is the next piece. That’s three total sequences, which means we have two left.

4. Strategy Session Promo Sequence

The fourth sequence, usually for our coaches and consultants is some sort of a strategy session promo sequence. We’re sending the email to try to get them to click a link and then go schedule a call on our calendar. It might be to pitch them consulting, a demo of some sort, or for coaching. There are lots of scenarios in which you’re going to want to just have your prospects book a call with you, to sell them something.

Email Automation

5. Bonding Sequence

And then the fifth sequence we use in an automated campaign is, it’s the bonding sequence and the bonding sequence you can drop in at any other point like there’s a law where you’re promoting something pretty heavy and you need to then raise the goodwill.

You can drop in a bonding sequence, but typically after they go through the whole automated marketing campaign, then they go through at least 12 days worth of sending to a blog post, sending to a piece of content, sending to a video, so that we can then re-instill some goodwill. They know that not every email they get, we’re going to be marketing to them, or selling to them, or pitching something to them. So, those are the five sequences that builds your brand.

For Questions and Guide

If you have any questions at all, go to ConsultingSession.com and we will be happy to book a call and put together an action plan for you. So, I will talk to you soon.

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