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TRANSCRIPT: Hey, what's up? This is Jason. So one of the big things about running surveys in your sales funnel is that you can do marketing automation, based on how people, what answers they choose. So if you have three questions, and your first question is how old are you, are you 35 to 44, or 45 to 54, or 55 to 64, then you can segment those people and send them emails and send them marketing material, based on their age or their gender, or, you know, age and gender is probably the big ones. But also, what they're looking for. Are they looking to lose weight? Are they looking to have more energy? Are they looking to live a more active lifestyle? Who knows. But each of those answers are going to be, should, they should be, married with some different email copy and some different promotional material. Because what this prospect did is tell you why they're interested in you. So the better you can fulfill on that, and the better you can use that information to help them understand that your offer is the best offer for them, the more revenue you're going to generate.

So this is a little video snippet that I pulled out of our survey sales funnel workshop inside Funnel Formula. So we're going to send you here and just check it out, and then we're going to come back and recap it.

But the email copy itself can get pretty crazy when you start thinking of all of the possibilities and all of the different ways that somebody answers the survey, and then you match all of those possibilities up with email copy. So even in our example, if our survey is what is your gender? Male or female. And what is your age group? And maybe four age groups there. And then what are you interested in? Life insurance, property insurance, car insurance, whatever. Then each of those combinations could have its own email sequence. So you're looking at three or four or five emails for each of those combinations. I mean, you quickly get up into 60, 70, 80 different emails, and depending on their answers, you are only at like four or five days' worth of email copy. It can get pretty intense, pretty quickly. Of course, reusing email copy is beneficial. If you can just clone or copy and paste, and then maybe change a couple of words, that's awesome. But the email copy still is going to be where you're spending a lot of time.

All right, so isn't that cool? I mean, it's super cool to be able to survey somebody and then send them outbound marketing communication, text messages, email marketing, whatever, based on their answers and based on helping them overcome their objections and helping them move closer to the thing they want to move to. Do you know what I mean? The bad part is there's so much email copy that goes along with it. I mean, if you have eight different possible outcomes from the way you're serving these folks, and every campaign has 10 or 15 emails in it, you're at a hundred emails. And yes, some of them can be the same, but still you're probably going to want different blog posts, different bonding material, different stories based on that stuff. So it's just something to keep in mind.

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