Drip marketing automation is the same thing as an autoresponder, it has just been renamed and is the current terminology used in the marketing industry today. This is going to date me a little bit, when I first got into internet marketing 14 years ago, I remember listening to a tape. A tape? Yeah, maybe a CD, an audio program, a tape from this guy named Eben Pagan, and Frank Kern, and they were talking about the miracle of email marketing and building your email list and this thing called an “autoresponder.” This autoresponder, basically, somebody will go to a landing page, they’d fill in an opt-in form for a lead magnet or a freebie of some kind, a bribe, and this autoresponder would send them email after email after email. Day one, it would send an email, day two, it would send an email, until day three.


The autoresponder and the big company back then was a company called AWeber. They’re actually great software and is also here in Pennsylvania. Aweber created an autoresponder who acts as an assistant, or you, or whoever wouldn’t have to actually email your list every single day based on when somebody signed up. The email goes out and everybody’s happy. This is the beauty and the magic of technology.

Drip Marketing

Today, the autoresponder has been renamed a “drip email sequence” or “drip marketing”. Email one goes out and then email two drips out the next day, email three drips out the next day, email four drips out the next day. Your membership content is dripped out week after week after week, so this drip is now basically what the terminology is calling “automation” or “autoresponders.”

Now, when we get to drip marketing automation, really, the automation just adds another layer on top of it, so the automation piece adds a trigger. The drip marketing sequence that is set to go out emails one, two, three, four. The automation piece adds in a trigger and the trigger might be a tag that is added to a contact record. This person visited a landing page, this form was filled out, this webinar was attended, this survey result was submitted. There are lots of triggers that will fire that drip marketing automation, and that’s where the magic all comes together – it’s the trigger.

Drip Marketing Automation Campaigns

Lead Magnet Fulfillment Sequence

1. Lead Magnet Fulfillment Sequence

We build sales funnels for our clients, go in and we will set up a bunch of drip marketing. We already know how people are going to be moving through the sales funnel, so the most common examples are we will set up a lead magnet fulfillment sequence. When somebody downloads a lead magnet, they go into this fulfillment sequence.

The fulfillment sequence drips out, day one, drips out the link, the download link that they can get the report. On day two, maybe it drips out the social media profiles for our client. On day three, we’re trying to bond them which is called an “indoctrination sequence“. Day two might be social media profiles, day three, “Hey, this is what we do today,” day four might be the about page, day five is “This is why we do what we do,” so it’s basically telling the story of our client.

Webinar Promo Campaign

2. Webinar Promo Campaign

Webinar Promo Campaign is one of the drip marketing automation campaign that we put together for our clients. It’s a four-email sequence that promotes a webinar or a webinar replay sequence. A six-email sequence that we use to promote the webinar replay or a strategy session promo sequence. The emails were loaded up inside our client’s CRM. We’re going to be driving paid traffic to a sales funnel.

Now, we have to figure out what triggers: What is the automation piece of drip marketing automation, what triggers are going to fire, what forms are going to be figured out, what pages are going to be visited, and what webinars are going to be attended?

If that person signs up for the webinar and doesn’t attend, what happens? All of those triggers put people in different drip marketing campaigns which layers all of that complexity on top of itself.

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