teaser email- campaign

Are you creating a teaser email campaign for pre-launching your new product or a new feature?

In this article, we talk about how you can run a successful teaser email campaign. Also, we’ll show you how you can build hype and anticipation in your pre-launch emails. Follow our tips to make sure you set the ground for a big product launch.

How do you measure the success of a teaser email campaign?

But first, let’s talk about how you measure the success of a teaser email campaign. If it is a new product that you’re launching, then sales and revenue would be your metrics.

If introducing a new feature is the case, then you’d want your existing users to adopt it and attract more users that will buy because of this new feature.

Why create a teaser email campaign?

teaser email- campaign

The purpose of teaser email campaigns is to create anticipation among your customers or audience. You want people to feel curious and excited about what’s coming soon. Make them feel that you are releasing something big and unique. When done well, teaser email campaigns build intrigue and make your audience feel like they are part of a privileged community.

Find the perfect timing

A teaser or pre-launch email campaign should run before the official launch of your new product or product feature. How long it should be depends on several factors like your budget, how often you introduce new products or features, the market you’re in and, of course, if it is a completely innovative product or big feature release.
Plan your campaign and consider capitalizing on various marketing channels, like social media. Utilizing social media will probably multiply your email campaign success.

How do you build hype in your teaser email campaign?

When building a teaser email, here’s what’s important for building hype and anticipation.

1. Define a goal

As with all email, you should determine what action you want subscribers to take when they read your teaser email. Oftentimes, teaser emails, as they are sent out during pre-launch, ask readers to:

  • stay tuned,
  • mark their calendars,
  • pre-register (fill out a form to be notified), or
  • preview a product (or feature) that isn’t available to buy yet.

A call to action (CTA) in the form of a link or a button is not always needed. A “stay tuned” message might fall into that category of CTA-less emails.

2. Make a plan

Meet with your team to make sure every member is on the same page. Schedule actions and task dependencies. Communicate clearly to everyone what they’re doing and by when.

Have a vision for the whole campaign. Set details, like how many emails would for the pre-launch campaign to build up emotion. Consider how each of your teaser emails plays a role within the larger pre-launch campaign.

3. Align the CTA with the goal of your email campaign

Want potential customers to mark their calendars? Then give them a simple, actionable way to do that, such as an add-to-calendar link. If you want them to preview a feature before it launches, consider allowing users to pre-register or preview a beta or join a waitlist. Align the CTA in each teaser email with your campaign goal and plan.

A word of advice: don’t add more than one core message and more than one CTA in a teaser email. One goal, one marketing message, one CTA!

4. Establish curiosity in the subject line

Get readers excited and curious! The idea, after all, is to create a little suspense and intrigue. Get creative with your email copy and design!

As the launch date comes closer, set a countdown timer in your emails and partially reveal the product in a GIF.

5. Use the right collaboration & marketing tools

As with all things, you may start from the simple and essential and then move on to more sophisticated tools. In the case of teaser email campaigns to promote your product, we suggest you use the following tools:

  • Asana or Trello to organize the project and assign tasks to your team,
  • Google Docs to create your email copy in a distraction-free environment,
  • Google Drive to store and share images, designs, and docs.

Use our own software tools that will help you create email copy, send automated emails, build landing pages and track campaign results:

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