A lot of times you need ideas for promoting a digital product but nothing particularly original comes to mind. With so much competition on the internet, it only makes sense to look for innovative ideas that actually work.

In this article, we will talk about the 10 best ideas for product promotion. These are tips that you can apply even if you are on a small budget and still want to draw massive attention to your offer.

Promoting a digital product

Digital products defined

Before we get started, let’s explain what the term “digital products” means. Basically, a digital product or a digital good is an intangible good that can be sold online. Digital products are downloadable to the buyer’s computer or mobile device.

Here are some examples of digital products: ebooks, whitepapers, software, apps, WordPress plugins, website templates and themes, Excel or other program add-ons, digital prints, designs, images, photography, training material, video courses, films, videos to help someone meditate, music, fairy tales and any sort of content in an MP3 format. These are just some examples…

Essentially anything that can be packaged into a PDF, MP3, video format or any other type of a downloadable file, is a digital product.

When it comes to acquiring, a digital product can be purchased once or come in the form of a subscription or paid membership. In this case, the content is hidden behind a paywall, and it’s accessible to members only. You may see newspapers use that sort of business model to promote premium content when you visit their website.

Ways to promote a digital product

Now let’s look at how you can advertise a digital product to customers effectively and create buzz for your business.

Here are the most creative ideas for promoting a digital product successfully.

1. Marketplaces for digital goods

Promote your ebook with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing


One of the easiest ways to get a new digital product in front of the eyes of your customers is to sell it in a marketplace. There are different places you choose, and it actually depends on what your product is about.

For example, if you’re selling WordPress plugins a marketplace like Codecanyon would be where your audience goes for window shopping. If you’re selling digital or graphic designs, you may want to go to GraphicRiver or DesignCrowd.

Do you sell ebooks? Try Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and E-Junkie. If you’re creating training videos then Udemy or Skillshare might be the right place to promote your digital products.

2. Affiliate programs

So, you want to find customers for your business, right? Why not have others do the heavy lifting for you?

With an affiliate program, you can attract marketers, bloggers and small business owners who find your products complementary to what they already offer, and are willing to promote your products to their audience for a commission.

Use ShareASale or ClickBank to promote your affiliate product and attract potential partners. You can also create your own simple referral program with ReferralCandy or by installing the AffiliateWP plugin to your WordPress website.

3. Live video

Using live video as a way to reach more customers is popular right now. You can start doing live videos to educate your audience and, of course, promote your products on social media at the same time.

Live video is very simple to do and costs nothing at all. Right now, the best platforms to go live are Instagram and Facebook.

4. Podcasting

Most entrepreneurs launch new products consistently to create new streams of income. When you know who your audience is, it’s likely that you get a lot of ideas for new products that you want to create and sell.

Creating a podcast for a specific niche is a very effective marketing vehicle if you want to expand your audience and get your message across. Every podcast episode is a chance to educate listeners and sell them on your offer.

5. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the paradise for digital product businesses. It’s where you “Discover your next favorite thing” if you’re passionate about technology.

So, if you’re promoting products like mobile apps, cloud apps or any kind of SaaS products you’d want to explore the opportunity of being hunted on ProductHunt. The product creator is called “Maker” and the person who discovers and promotes the new digital product is the “Hunter.” Anyone can be a hunter, even the maker of the product, but usually, you’d want to have somebody else talk about you.

Even ebooks have seen success on Product Hunt. The BAMF Bible is a good example.

6. Crowdfunding

Promote a product with crowdfunding

Did you know you can get paid for your digital product before you even create it? With crowdfunding, you can.

It works by posting your project ideas on a crowdfunding website. Then, people who resonate with your vision can support to turn your idea into reality. You raise money to complete your project, and when you’re done, you ship the end product to your supporters. Crowdfunding platforms can be effective for promoting digital and physical products alike.

To get product promotion ideas, visit Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They are both crowdfunding platforms for creative projects.

7. Co-marketing

An effective way to hack growth and generate sales for a new product fast is to create a co-marketing campaign. Co-marketing allows two businesses to work together on promotional efforts. Usually, the most popular brand will soft promote the other brand.

Now, let’s assume that you are new to the online space and you want to leverage the existing audience of another company or personal brand. When you establish a co-marketing agreement, you will be given the opportunity to promote your new digital product to a targeted audience.

How will your co-marketing partner be compensated? Payment will come either through sales revenue (that is if you have created the product together) or by commission, if they act as affiliates.

8. Free samples

When you’re in the pre-launch phase of your digital product promotion, it’s a good idea to create anticipation and a buzz for your new offer. There are several ways to do that, but product sampling can work extremely well.

When you offer free product samples, you have a lot of benefits. One is that you can get real user testimonials. Another benefit is that your offer might go viral and have more people express interest in your upcoming launch. A third benefit is that you can get feedback and improve your product before you start selling it.

How do you go about offering free samples to promote your new product? There are many different ways, each with its own benefit. You can run a contest on Facebook. This will target the audience that already follows you, and if they share it their friends may see it as well. You can publish your offer in forums, encouraging readers to visit your website to receive the product. You could also give your products to an online publisher, and they can run a contest to give away the product to their readers.

9. Landing pages

Promoting a digital product without having a landing page is hard to do. When you are preparing for a launch, you don’t need a full-featured website. However, a landing page is crucial to a successful product promotion.

Use Facebook Ads to advertise using Facebook Custom Audiences. Make sure you install the Facebook Pixel first so you’re able to re-market to people who click on your ads. Also, give people the option to sign up for your newsletter and get notified of special offers you may have in the future.

If you’re promoting a training product, you can use sales webinars to generate demand. In this case, what you need to is create a landing page for webinar registration, prepare a webinar script with a call to action and, again, advertise on Facebook to gather registrations.

Here’s a book that will help you understand how to convert your prospects into sales following a proven, automated sales funnel formula geared for conversion.

10. Blogger reviews

Having trusted people write about your brand is one of the top ideas for promoting your digital product effectively. People look for reviews before they buy. So, it is a good idea to reach out to bloggers, give them free access to your product, and ask them to write an honest review in return.

This will help you build interest with their audience, driving sales until you can create your own buzz.

Smart ideas for promoting a digital product

So, there you have it! A list of the top 10 ideas for promoting a digital product. All of them are free or inexpensive, simple to implement and guaranteed to give your promo efforts a boost.

Products don’t sell themselves. You need to stimulate demand, and the smartest way to promote a new product while you are on a small budget is to tap into the audience of another successful brand. We listed some creative ways to do that, just keep in mind that you always need to reward the other party, either by offering a reciprocal service, or a percentage of the revenue.