There are lots of different SEO tools out there that you can do this kind of content optimization in. Google Search Console is literally, first of all, it’s a direct line into the search results. Meaning you can see in an instant where your content is ranking, what keyword is ranking, and then the pages that it’s ranking on. I also like SEMrush. We use SEMrush a great deal, but for this play, SEMrush is really pretty overkill, when you have this and it’s like literally a direct line into the search rankings. All you gotta do is pay attention, see where you’re ranking, and then go from there. So here’s what I like to do.

Google Search Console

I’ll go down to performance, and your performance is basically, we have the total number of clicks that this website has gotten, a total number of impressions, which is just under 500,000, the average click-through rate, and then the average position. I will enable the average position because I want to see where our content is ranking. As you can see, we’ve got 73 clicks and then we’ve got 64 clicks. The position is 40.6, position 38.4, position 33.5. And if you look down here, our average position was quite a bit lower. So here, we have an average position of 28.2, which is today. Now, if you scroll down a little bit, we have done for you, we got all the different queries or keyword phrases that we are ranking for. So, the way it’s by default structured at first is you get to see the position.

Done For You Standing Based on Google Search Console

Done for you is ranked in 4.3, Done for you marketing 1.3, done for you funnels 1.9, done for you agency number two, done for you sales funnels number 1.9. So we’re on the first page of Google. First, second spot. Video sales letter software, we’re down around number seven. All good stuff, but not why I’m here. I’m looking to optimize the content that is already created on the website and rank better for that content. So then, so what I do is I go and I just filter the queries a little bit differently. I’m looking for impressions. So where are their super high impressions? Where are my blog posts or where is my content showing up in the search engines? But yet it is not ranking all that high, it might be ranked on the third page or fourth page, or fifth page.

If we go look at this list again, you see the text message marketing, we’re ranked on the sixth page of Google, which tells me that we move up two spots two to the second page, the third page, the first page, we’re going to start seeing a tremendous amount of traffic for that keyword phrase. The same with how to increase my domain authority, 2,400 impressions. Lead generation system, 2,400 impressions. Increase online sales, 2,400 impressions. Content optimization right here, this blog post, this video that you’re watching is actually in response to this, content optimization. So 1500 impressions and our position are 78. If we click content optimization, we will see that for a little while, we actually dropped off, but our average position is 70, 80, somewhere in there. And we’re climbing a little bit, 87, 89.

If we look at pages, this, and then we click through and you see this, we are actually on this guide to content optimization. So knowing that this particular page is ranking for content optimization, then I can start to influence that rank and creating a video, creating multimedia content is one way of doing it. Adding an MP4 as a podcast file is one way of doing it. Changing, just editing the page, adding some new sub-headlines, reworking the content a bit, and just basically republishing with a different date is another way to do it. So what we’re doing is we’re refreshing the old blog post. All of these things tell Google, “We want this thing ranked. We want to push the ranking up.” And you do this for one blog post a week or two blog posts a week.

Look for keywords

Look for Keywords

Now, what I want to do is I want to go back and look for all of the keyword phrases that that particular page is ranking for. So what we’re going to do is we’re just going to copy this content optimization. We’re going to go back to Google. We’re going to just throw, actually, it’s not a query, it’s going to be a page. So we’re just going to add the page in, so the URL has to be containing content optimization and we’re going to hit apply. So we have three blog posts with content optimization, those that keyword phrase in it. Now we are going to single down this guide to optimize content. I’m going to pull up queries that are going to tell me all the other keyword phrases that this blog post is ranking for.

Here we have content optimization, which has got 1500 impressions. Content optimization techniques, 132 impressions, content optimization tips, 131 impressions, optimize your content for, 44 impressions. Now, if we click this average position, again, it layers that average position on top of it again. So we have, what is content optimization? 59. Content optimization tips, 53, content optimization techniques, 47, and then 77. These are like page 16 and page 17. Eh, we’ll get there eventually. But those aren’t the ones where … We might throw that keyword phrase in the blog post, but we hope to move the middle of the road stuff up and bring the back of the road up to the middle. Then we just keep pushing stuff up to the front of Google.

Whenever I do this content optimization piece, record videos, number one, and then I go through and optimize this content with the keyword phrases I’m looking to target. So at least once, I will add the phrase content optimization techniques. I will add content optimization, maybe to a couple of sub-headlines. I just make it more pronounced that tells Google, “This is the keyword phrase that I’m trying to rank for.” And then, make sure the images have content optimization in all tags, the image tags. And then, we’re scrolling down through, make sure that tip number three, intent-based to optimize content. There’s no reason why content optimization shouldn’t be in that location.

Quality is key, blah, blah, blah, and then includes some different calls to action. So we want this blog post working for our business, working to getting clients. So we would include some calls to action in here, but all in all, that’s the content optimization process. Add, edit, tweak, create, find out what you’re ranking for, and then go from there.

For Questions and Guide

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