Today’s GSDdaily is episode 150. And it is our weekly Five Minute Guide Livecast if you will. Running a bit late today, I ended up getting kind of jammed up on a lot of different stuff. But mostly good, so it’s beneficial.

Google Ranking

So today we’re going to talk about getting ranked or not getting ranked. But basically figuring out where your website is already ranking in Google. And this is important because, I mean, Google is going to pick your website up for all kinds of keyword phrases to see keywords for ranking. So it is going to search and crawl your website and learn what your website and what your business and what you’re doing online, basically. So it will come to their own conclusions. So as internet marketers, what we need to do is we need to influence those keyword phrases and check keywords for ranking that it’s picking to rank you for. Because in influencing those keyword phrases, then you can generate more free traffic, you’re able to hit the first page of Google, you’re able to take up mind share in your customers, your prospect’s mind. All kinds of things you’re going to be able to do because you know where your keyword phrases are ranking.

Google Search Console

Google Webmaster

So the first step is basically signing up for a free tool, it’s Google search console. And you can go to it by … let me just grab it on the screen here. You can look at the search console by going to I think it’s just going to log me right into my account, there it is. So Google Webmasters. When you set up the search console, it’s going to link your domain, there’s a couple of ways to verify your domain. But basically, you just need to verify that you own the domain. And then what it does is it’s going to wait a couple of days usually and it’s going to go into its databases and pull all of the keyword phrases that you’re ranked for. And then arrange them so you know where they are on the page. And it’s not all like, I’m going to show you Done For You, but the is ranked for like 8,000 or 9,000 keyword phrases, it’s going to show us the top thousand.

So we’re going to go into Google Search Console now. And remember, this is a five-minute guide, so we need to zip through it pretty quickly today. But you’re welcome to dive in, you’re welcome to go to and fill out the strategy session form. And we can walk through some of this stuff with you too. So what we’re seeing here is basically all of our web traffic, all the web searches for the last three months. So here you can see, this is is the domain we’re rocking with. And we have a little over 7,000 total clicks, we have 482,000 impressions, we have an average click-through rate of 1.5% across all of the keyword phrases, and our average position is 44.5. And you can see that it kind of goes up and down, we have our clicks, impressions, CTR, all that stuff is here.

But if we scroll down through, we can arrange these by the number of clicks. So as you can imagine, most of our traffic comes from Done For You, by Done For You services, Done For You agency, Done For You affiliate marketing system, Done For You lead magnets we’re on spot 1.2. On Done For You services, Done For You, Done For You marketing agency we’re spot 1.1, Done For You service, 1.2. So that means it’s primarily the first spot, but sometimes it bounces to the second.

What I like to do is I like to sort my impressions so I can see where all of our big, big impression keyword phrases are to see keywords for ranking. Like what are we almost ranked for? And the first one is a business consultant, so business consultants get 11,000 impressions every single month. Marketing automation agency gets 9,000 impressions, called action phrases, 3,000 impressions. What is a flash sale? 3,500 impressions. What this lets me do is say, “Okay, we can start creating content around business consultants, and then we can start to swallow up a whole lot more than two clicks.” And as you can see, we’re spot 74. Spot 74, I mean, we’re on the seventh, eighth page of Google so nobody ever, ever, ever, ever makes it all the way there. But it lets us know that we could get there rather quickly.

So if I just click Google consultant and then go to the page, it’s going to show us the page that is ranking and let us see the keywords for ranking. So here you can see that this page, seven skills to become a business consultant, is ranking spot number 74 in Google, in the Google search results. So what I should be doing is optimizing this article to try to get it to page three, page two, page one. Or running a paid ad campaign, a paid traffic campaign directly to this business consultant page and then picking up clients that way. So if Google is ranking me organically, chances are if I run Google ads and run Google ads directly here, then I’m going to end up having pretty cheap click costs because my page is highly relevant to business consultants. And Google already told me this, organically. So it’s just another like an end-run around some things you can do.

For Questions and Guide

And that’s about it, we’re past our five-minute guide deadline. So have a fantastic weekend, if there’s anything that we can do, just go to Fill out the little form, we’ll jump on an action plan call with you.

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