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In the previous video, we talked about trigger marketing (ie. setting up triggers to fire your marketing automation).

Today I want to share a little bit about email marketing campaigns, including the strategy behind setting up effective drip campaigns and some tips on getting every last ounce of conversion out of them.

In email marketing automation, there are triggers, campaigns, and goals.

We talked a little bit about triggers in a previous video (available here). Today though, we're gonna talk about setting up email marketing campaigns.

The most important thing about a campaign is really that you're able to set it up the way you want to, and you're able to set it up easily.

What Makes Up An Email Marketing Campaign?

When you set up an email marketing campaign, there are a few things you need to think about.

First of all, how is somebody going to be getting to that campaign? That's where really the trigger comes in. Are they going to fill out a web form on a landing page? Is a tag going to be applied to their customer record? Are they hitting a website and being tracked through analytics? Did they not do something? Maybe not open an email? Did they open an email? What is the trigger in that piece?

The next step is, "If they do THIS or THAT, then what happens?" What campaign do we put together for that person?

Setting Up A Successful Drip Campaign

By and large, campaigns are largely made up of messages.

A message can take the form of an email, a text message, a phone call, or a direct mail piece.  You could also consider push notifications or other forms of outbound communication like a chatbot.

The second necessary element of an email marketing campaign is what we call a 'delay.'  The delay makes sure that all of your messages don't stack up on top of each other. When you send a block of emails (like an email autoresponder), you need to put a delay in between those messages so you space them out, whether it's hours, days, or weeks.

In short, you need to predefine how often those messages are going to fire and what the content of those messages will be.  If you need a hand in planning all of this out, set up an Action Plan call and we'll help you!

An Example Email Marketing Campaigns in the Real Estate Niche

There's a Done For You Sales Funnel client that we just rolled out.  They're in the real estate business and we're working with them on getting seller leads.

What our client wants to do with those seller leads is get in touch with them as quickly as possible because they know that if they don't - the deal will die on the vine quickly.

So, when somebody signs up as a lead on their website:

  1. They immediately, within five minutes, get assigned as a phone call task to one of the sales reps.  The task is added to the task management piece of the drip campaign.
  2. Then five minutes after that, an email gets sent to the prospect.
  3. 30 minutes after that text message gets sent to the prospect.
  4. An hour after that, another task gets added to the sales reps dashboard.

This might sound a bit aggressive, and it is...  But this is a hot lead!  Someone who's ready to sell their house.

So basically within the first day, this person is receiving one email, one text, and up to three phone calls.

Drip Campaign Phases

All good email marketing campaigns are broken down into phases, or stages, that help the prospect move through the buying cycle.  This is all part of why you need a sales funnel.

If any of the drip campaign messages above land, they connect with the seller, and the seller schedules a site visit or a home visit.  That campaign is then officially completed - it's considered satisfied.

That, my friend, is a goal.  (And goals are the topic of our next video!)

Oftentimes, goals are identified when a tag is added or an action is taken inside the contact record.  Perhaps someone buys something or schedules an appointment...  The goal is fired and that that moves the prospect out of one email marketing campaign into the next.

Webinar Email Marketing Campaigns

We've also set drip campaigns up when somebody signs up for an automated webinar (or live webinar for that matter).  After the webinar is done, the prospect would receive an email from the Webinar Replay Sequence four hours later.  That email automation campaign would contain the link of the webinar replay. If the prospect doesn't buy, then 20 hours after that they get the next email. Then a day after that they get the next email.

... And you can marry text messages and phone calls up with that campaign if you want!  After all, it's just another type of a message.

Now there's some really cool stuff you can do in campaigns. Obviously you have your messages and you have your delays. Those are the two big pieces.

You can also add logic.

Email Marketing Logic

With logic, you can take action on a yes or no answer.

If your prospect does THIS, add a tag.  If they do THAT, add a different tag.  And in adding a tag, you can fire off the next email marketing campaign!

So a great example is from an ad management manufacturing client of ours. He calls this email marketing campaign a "Proposal Feedback Loop."  Basically what he had us build into Axis was the ability to send a proposal to his customers that either gets accepted or rejected.

His customers get an email every day, on autopilot, with the link to the proposal in it.  The copy in the email is written to get to one of two answers - yes or no.

  • If they hit the YES button, then route the lead to the sales rep.
  • If they hit the NO button, send them to a survey asking them why they didn't like the proposal. Was it 20% too high, 30% too high, 50% too high, whatever...  Then, our client has a better idea of what they can do in their future to service this particular customer.

Email Marketing Campaigns That Get Results

So lots of really cool stuff you can do in campaigns as they're built. Messages, delays, task management, logic.

We're constantly adding stuff into Axis as we see it work for clients and as we're asked to build custom.

So if you want to talk about email campaign structure, what your outbound marketing play is, or if you just want us to dive in and build a campaign for your business...  Fill out this short form and book an action plan call with us.

We'd love to jump on with you and see if it's a good fit. And if it's not, that's totally cool. We're happy to brainstorm and put together an action plan for you!

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