Why You Need a Done-for-you Sales Funnel

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Are you searching for a done-for-you sales funnel for your online business? Are you wondering why you need a DFY sales funnel and why you should choose it over a do-it-yourself funnel? This article explains the advantages of done-for-you sales funnels and will help you decide whether it is the best choice for your business.

A sales funnel (or many) on your website can help you convert web traffic and visitors into customers. Random website visitors can make a buying decision because of your influence and consistent engagement with them through a sales funnel.

Influencing a purchase decision throughout the buyer's journey involves multiple-level conversations with visitors. A sales funnel offers precisely that; it is step-by-step guidance to turn visitors into customers.

A DFY sales funnel begins with creating curiosity among the visitors about a problem and a possible solution that your product or service can offer.

Once curiosity is generated, your sales funnel will take your leads to the next stage. It will offer more information and detail on how your product or service can solve the potential customer's problem.

This leads to a call to action, where the leads who have become warm prospects are finally invited to buy your offering.
This entire process happens through pages and elements on your website, with the assistance of third-party services, like autoresponders or, otherwise called, email marketing platforms.

Setting up a sales funnel and keeping it live and updated requires a good deal of planning and domain expertise that businesses often do not have and shouldn't have because this is not their core product.

Here comes the picture: pre-made or done-for-you sales funnels.

Why You Need a Done-for-you Sales Funnel

As the name suggests, a done-for-you funnel is a turnkey solution delivered live and working on your website or blog. A DFY funnel can also be a template you can use to build your funnel - but that may require some marketing or technical expertise.

As businesses and busy executives do not have the knowledge or time to set up funnels and keep them active and optimized, the work is often outsourced to a DFY sales funnel agency.

Here below are the top reasons why you should consider using a done-for-you funnel instead of building one yourself:

Lack of time and expertise

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Most businesses often do not have people for advanced technical tasks unless it is their crucial business area. Also, marketers and those responsible for driving sales and growth often lack the technical knowledge to build an online sales funnel.
What's more, IT staff wouldn't be expected to understand how funnels work or what can make them produce better results. Since copywriting and the step-by-step funnel process are the pillars of a good sales funnel, your technical staff wouldn't be the right people to turn to.

It is not only website design that gives visitors a soothing, welcoming feel when they land on your pages. Compelling and engaging content is critical to the success of funnels. The concept is to turn a random visitor into a qualified prospect and, eventually, a paying customer.

A funnel stays with the visitor throughout the buying process. That's why funnels you need to tackle design, development, copywriting, and comprehensive process planning.

A done-for-you funnel is a one-stop solution to all your needs that can convert your website from an excellent place of information about your company or brand into a robust system that generates leads, sees a conversion point, and closes the sale.

Done For You Sales Funnels are tested and optimized.

Unlike when it is done in-house, done-for-you funnels undergo rigorous tests during their development to produce optimum results. They are created by experts who understand the nuances and technicalities of the business. They know the common pitfalls in setting up a funnel and how to tackle them, while the same task can be too much for your IT department.

It is not about setting up a funnel; it is about a horn that does the job and does it repeatedly with a greater degree of success. One of the critical tasks of the website is to generate leads and help the visitors decide to purchase. This task cannot be completed if the website lacks a sales funnel geared up to convert visitors into customers.

Outsourcing helps

Digital marketing agency

Setting up a funnel is part of the website designing process where necessary care is taken to provide all relevant information to the visitors that can help them make a buying decision about the product or services on offer. Since this involves a process in which many people work together and create necessary IT processes to promote the company's sales offerings, it needs its ecosystem to work efficiently and productively.

So, outsourcing the funnel to a service provider can be a good option for companies and their promoters to optimize the gains from it.

Imitate successful funnels

Professional agencies that prepare DFY sales funnels conduct required research to determine what is in trend and what other competitors are doing. They can identify the best and winning features on the competitors' funnels, improvise, and implement them on your funnel to make it trendy and practical.

Keeping a close watch on what the competitors are doing concerning their funnel may not be possible for a company, but this is not much of a task for a service provider, which develops hundreds of such horns yearly and maintains them daily. However, taking professional help or opting for a a done-for-you funnel can turn the tide in your favor.

You may or may not know how much keeping an eye on your competitors helps you improve your systems and processes. But the service provider who creates a done-for-you funnel for you has a reason to make it better than your competitors. So, allow your service provider to give you. Let analysis of your competitors' funnels help you make appropriate decisions about where and how you want your funnel to differ from your competitors.

DFY funnels can be unique

Done-for-you funnels come in various designs and templates that ensure your funnel never looks outdated or the same as your competitor's. Done For You sales funnels don't have to look ordinary. DFY funnels are designed and developed by experts who take care of every detail to make their products superior and unique. If a DFY funnel template is what you're buying, you will have the liberty to choose themes, color combinations, and features you wish to implement. You can duplicate the templates and design as many funnels as you need.

What is essential to keep in mind is that funnels work through a series of conversations conducted through content. So, it is the content that makes your DFY funnels unique. Can you trust the yIf funnel provider to create such content? If they are not content creation experts, they may know people who can undertake such tasks on your behalf.

However, content is an area that would always require serious attention because you know the product and the brand in its complete personality. With your content and your service provider's technical expertise in setting up a funnel, you can create a unique funnel that wins customers effortlessly.

Tailor-made to your needs

how to create a sales funnel

Done-for-you funnels are designed to meet your needs and serve the primary purpose of converting ordinary visitors to the website or blog into customers. The funnel stays with the visitors through the entire process until they arrive at a purchase decision, giving appropriate answers and explanations to their queries and making it easy for them to make an informed decision. So, DFY funnels are the best option to drive sales and revenue and make your site succeed.

DFYnels are tailor-made and take care of your needs most efficiently. Even if your agency uses a template, they will completely adjust it to serve your leads' unique path to becoming customers. It will be adjusted to your needs and incorporate any extra steps that help your prospects convert into customers.

Different businesses have different needs; Done For You sales funnels are made for any business, ranging from large e-commerce stores to solopreneur websites.

Make sure your agency understands the critical points where attention, interest, and desire are triggered for your business leads. Then, the agency will ensure that the sales funnel enhances those trigger points and entices web visitors to take the appropriate next step.

DFY sales funnels are built faster

Time is money, and since DFY funnels are developed by experts who have repeatedly completed similar projects, you can expect a fast turnaround time. It is in your interest to finish the DFY sales funnel project quickly so it can start delivering the results instantly.

If the same work is done in-house by the company, the process can take longer due to the lack of domain expertise and competence.
So, engaging a service provider and getting a DFY funnel designed and built makes more sense.

Of course, you need to brief the service provider about the products and services being offered, the key features, pricing, target market, etc., so that they have a complete picture of your offerings and can design a more presentable form of a funnel that wins the visitors hands down. You will transfer your offline experience to the agency, and they will re-create that to facilitate online sales.

Done For You Sales Funnels & Services Can Include Maintenance And Support


Setting up a high-conversion funnel is one thing; maintaining it is another. Although building your one-off project, it is highly recommended that you keep track of what's happening and optimize elements contributing to a higher conversion rate.

So, as the funnel goes live, you should start tracking results. For example, the number of visitors, bounce rate, conversion rate per stage, autoresponder open and click-through rates, and more. Then, ideally, you should optimize to improve those KPIs. To do this, you use a combination of intuition and split testing. The agency you'd be working with should have the experience and split testing tools to improve your funnel continuously.

Although a DFY sales funnel works for you even when you sleep, it is recommended that you analyze and optimize it to make the most out of your investment and ad spend. Also, as with all things online, tech-based elements of your funnel might break, so you need to ensure that someone keeps an eye on your funnel pages. You wouldn't want to send paid traffic to a 404-error page, would you?

Sales funnel ownership rests with your business.

Once you purchase a DFY sales funnel, it is yours. The agency will set up the horn on your domain, give you passwords and access details, and show you how the funnel works. Then, the ownership of the sales funnel rests with your business.

You can modify it as you wish, although, as we explained earlier, it is recommended that you have an expert manage the funnel so that you don't break something.


We hope this article gives you a complete picture of DFY sales funnels. Funnels are an essential aspect of building and growing a successful online business. After all, why have a website or a blog if it doesn't create curiosity among the visitors and convert them into customers? A website shouldn't just be used to display your products or services but to promote and sell them.

Websites and blogs are excellent mediums to provide information about your products and services. However, if your website's goal is only to provide information, you leave a lot of money on the table.

A website should be built to operate as a complete Done For You sales funnel, meaning that all pages should contribute to converting visitors into customers. This might happen instantly or within a defined period. Once a done-for-you sales funnel goes live, your website is transformed into a marketing and selling tool, precisely as it should be.

If you already have a website, then a DFY sales funnel is a vital addition to it, and it can help you instantly increase overall sales and revenue.

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