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Brand new inside Statly is a new AI Graph that we're calling the Sunburst.

What it does is track EVERY exact path that someone takes through your website, all the way up to the conversion goal.

That might sound a little tricky - but hear me out...  Once you set up a conversion goal, say a report download or a purchase confirmation, Statly goes to work figuring out how people are achieving that conversion!  That includes what they're doing, what they're clicking, where they're coming from and which pages they spend their time.

Then, automatically, it'll plot out this sunburst graph so you can see how each of the pages are converting, all stacked on top of each other!

Check this out:

So, what this does is plot out every page that someone visited before converting, assigning a weight to how many people went through that path.

Then, it calculates the conversion of each of those pages on the fly so you can simply mouse around and see if there's something in there that you want to drive traffic to!  In the example below, we see that page is converting at 47% which is incredible as it's not something we're currently driving traffic to.

If you continue going through the graph, you'll see blog posts, landing pages, even secondary pages all showing with conversion numbers as they relate to the goal you're looking for.

The other thing that this data feeds into is the "Analytics AI Alert Notifications."  When Statly sees something going on out of the ordinary, it'll send you an alert letting you know what's going on...  Things like a better than expected conversion, lower than expected conversion, a spike in traffic...

All of that data can be found in the main Statly Dashboard:

And your notification preferences can be adjusted under settings!

Now, Statly is free to set up and you get access to every single website traffic tool inside.  All you have to do is activate your account or install the WordPress plugin to get set up.

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